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We do have a boy, and we do have another one that's starting to become part of our family. So a boy in the leather community refers to someone who submissive and leather families just another way to say poly-amorous relationship, but it's more than just sex at least for Gary and Yoshi each time. They bring someone new into the relationship. They haven't come over. They cook for them some of the time they're all just hanging out with no sex involved is it common for people in the leather community to be open when they are in relationships. You talk about shaming people. And I think people who are monogamous relationships kind of get shamed. The most recent Mr. Elliot other in his fiancee are monogamous and they've been that way since the beginning, I s Amina ones. Like, what was your most surprising moment of your year? He said, you know, it was the moment that I got shamed. For being. In a monogamous relationship. That's the thing. It's like there are no rules about how relationships of work other than everyone in there should be under their own free. Will and deserves to be respected. That's a. You she's been a part of the leather scene for more than a decade. And yes, it's a community. That's all about fetish. But he feels like he gets fetish sized for the wrong reasons. Somebody hit me up online once and said, hey, look, really hot. I love a good agent who knows his place. So it's like, wait a minute. You know, Hello. The assumption is that if you're using that you're passive that you're submissive that you're going to be embarrassed by socks or not want sexual contact. And I think people have a certain view of what you're going to be like and the leather scene is still mainly populated by white men. But I think there is something to be said that why hasn't there been an Asian man on the stage at Mr. Elliot other for several years? Why hasn't there been one that has an impact I think on whether people? Think that this is something that is for them. I mean, I see my is another friends and the joke is it's like, okay. There's two of us three of us. Okay. We made the porta. It's it's a it's kind of gallows humor way of thinking about it. But it's the reality of things. It's like why are people that look like us not here. Why is that the case? But of course, there's a lot of pressure that comes with being in the spotlight and expressing your concerns, especially for Yoshi who's generally saw spoken in shy. Plus this competition requires pretty extensive preparation, which is why like a lot of participants UCS spent months getting ready. He even got a coach all joking aside. There is a bit about, you know, Joy Luck Club hopes and dreams thing. Like, oh my God. All our hopes and dreams are our our new there there is that feeling that they have. But they have to be, you know, the model minority, you know, into Dak certain way. But I do feel like I have more resources available to me to run. It's not easy to run you. It's time. It's money. It's effort its support. All those things. I have the opportunity this year. You know, for many reasons it was the right beer. You know, again, it's if you don't if you don't show up. What right. Do you have to complain that? That's not happening. Back to the competition. It's almost the end of the day and be theater is packed. There are hundreds of people here filling up the floor and Albany everyone's dressed in their best. And now, it's time for the formal where round with the dreaded ninety seconds speech. When you she has a chance to win over the hearts and minds of the judges and the community the lights dim the music. Those quiet. Start. Which means. Basically, you may have or suffered an injustice, but the powers signing culture Marsub green. That's just as on for. Was home wide. Try to wait sumptuous Nereo question, my soul. Here you things. Like, all these men are passive in a freedom sense over and over. Again, you start to believe within finally realized that my king is not defined. I wear came from mine. King is the fine. What?

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