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On the hour, sponsored by Chick-fil-A. I'm Monica ricks in New York. This is about America coming together. And I really mean it. America coming together. President Biden says federal resources will be available in Florida as long as it takes to help people bounce back from hurricane Ian. He saw some of the devastation firsthand today in Fort Myers. CBS is Christian Benavidez is there. President Biden and the First Lady got a bird's eye view of Florida's disaster zone Wednesday seeing just how much destruction hurricane Ian brought to the southwest coast. Fort Myers once a beachfront Paradise, now unrecognizable. Meanwhile, record low water levels in the lower Mississippi River are now causing delays for barges that are getting stuck in the mud and sand, experts say that's due to drought conditions. OPEC plans to make drastic cuts to oil experts starting next exports rather starting next month to boost oil prices. Saudi energy minister Abdul Aziz bin Salman. If the zinc changes, we will tweak with it if things get worse, we will have to also tweak. The move could cause gas prices to spike here in the U.S.. A Russian cosmonaut is part of the crew now headed to the International Space Station and we're learning today's launch could help keep Russia's space partnership with the U.S. intact. CBS's Peter king explains. Space station crews and asset managers have said they're staying out of politics regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine. When asked about the dynamic inside the Moscow mission control center, Russia's human space flight chief says the same. Group is very focused on do what they are supposed to do. Former cosmonaut Sergei krikalev predecessor was fired after threatening to pull out of the space station program, krikalev has flown on the U.S. space shuttle and the space station and says, pull out won't happen. I'm sure that a little stain international partnership when we play ISS, Peter king, CBS News at the Kennedy Space Center. Rust producers have reached a new settlement to get production back on track. The shooting occurred nearly a year ago in October of last year. On a movie set. A prompt gun held by Alec Baldwin went off, killing the film's cinematographer halyna Hutchins. Now her family has settled the wrongful death civil lawsuit. And the film rust will resume production in January. All this still needs to be approved by a court. Meanwhile, law enforcement officials say their criminal investigation into the shooting continues. Steve fetterman CBS News. A sports memorabilia auction house has just offered 2 million bucks to the fan who caught Aaron judges historic home run ball last night. Judge hit number 62 tiring Roger Maris, American League record. This is CBS News. Brought to you by Chick-fil-A, order a grilled spicy deluxe sandwich on the Chick-fil-A app today. It's spicy and full of flavor, available for a limited time. Four O three on WTO P on this October 5th, 2022, we've got some sunshine here in northwest D.C., we sit at 63. Good afternoon, I'm Sean Anderson. And I'm Ann Kramer, our top local story this hour, Maryland governor Larry Hogan is on the list of witnesses in the federal fraud case against his former chief of staff. WTO's Kate Ryan has our report. Roy McGrath, who served briefly as Maryland governor Larry Hogan's chief of staff, faces 8 federal counts, including wire fraud and embezzlement and court documents show that governor Hogan is on the witness list. The question to the jurors with the fact that the governor is a witness affect their ability to be fair and impartial. The charges stem from McGrath's exit from the Maryland environmental service, he got a severance package of more than $233,000, and he insisted that Hogan had okayed the arrangement. Hogan strenuously denied knowing of the deal and said he did not sign off on it, a daily record reports McGrath's defense wants to introduce recorded phone conversations in the case, Graf's trial gets underway October 24th, Kate Ryan, WTO P news. Now that our Hogan spokesman says in a statement to WTO, Hogan's office has been actively assisting on the ongoing investigations and their confident the justice system will uphold the public trust. Campaign 2022 now on WTO be we're following some developing political news in Northern Virginia. After a longtime democratic delegate marquin

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