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CBS, Steve Bittner, NFL discussed on KCBS Radio Morning News


Coming up on KCBS when looting appears to become a calculated enterprise I'll talk with KCBS in chronicle in center field Mateer and five CBS news at seven forty five C. bickers here right now you know we well know Major League Baseball shut down minor league baseball Natalie shut down but I'm likely to come back this year so creative things right the Pawtucket red Sox the Boston Red Sox triple A. farm club in Rhode Island is serving ballpark cuisine on picnic tables at McCoy stadium spread out on the infield dirt two seatings per night twenty tables the first four seating sold out in eighty eight minutes stand you should suggest this to your son in law in the Austin Texas area that might be a good way to make use of the stadium there the Round Rock express doing something similar they call a dinner on the diamond they have they're doing summer camps softball and baseball camps yeah because in Texas there's enough flexibility in the rules they can do that obviously normally you wouldn't be using the ball park for kids to play softball or baseball but now those and they're doing the Airbnb thing which I guess other ball clubs of defense you can you can rent the place out to spend the night good stuff good stuff Major League Baseball Players Association has presented a counter proposal to the owners calling for a one hundred fourteen game season the owner said suggested eighty two the players say they'll play double headers and they will play through the end of October they insist that they're pro rated salaries remain the same they are offering two years of extended a extended playoffs versus one and they are offering to be miked and as well as other broadcast enhancements including in game interviews former Chicago Bears safety Roosevelt Taylor was passed away at eighty two nine seasons with the bears beginning in nineteen sixty one played in every game was an all pro in sixty three with nine interceptions when he helped lead the Chicago bears to the NFL title Mike Ditka was on that team I remember he was one tough you know what have the sports desk Steve Bittner KCBS.

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