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For information on the theft of over $45,000 worth of firefighting equipment. Here's what we have. Officials say that wild land firefighting equipment was stolen from a guard station your concrete sometime late December. Multiple suspects broke into the station, which is the home base for what is known as the Baker River Hotshot crew and sold all the equipment vital firefighting equipment. We're told anyone with information is asked to contact the U. S Forest service at the Mount Baker Ranger district or or local Law enforcement Ah woman dubbed as a miracle mom after giving birth to twins while in a coma, then waking up from that coma has now died. We're hearing a battle with covert 19. For the reason someone may remember the story of her daughter's birth, which made headlines more than 20 years ago. Maria Hernandez Lopez celebrating her 47th birthday just in November. Too much. Later, just after ringing In the new year, she was diagnosed with covert 19. Her family says her health decline quickly. Her absence is definitely being felt so I have my moments, but I know she's in a better place. And I know we'll see her again. Speaking here is Maria's sister Sylvia. Now Maria leaves behind five daughters, four grandsons as well. A siblings and friends, her family's message, protect herself and others and don't under estimate. This virus come on, Whose time it's 7 37 crews have raised the first ferry of the Alaska Marine Highway system after the retired vessel sank there and women's channel and an accord is the schedule. Valley Herald reports that the chill cat was lifted by a crane and placed on the barge here Wednesday. It show cat sank on January, 12th after broke free from its mooring. There and crashed into the greenest island ferry terminal. Officials say it had to be removed because it was near the terminal imposed a hazard. The ship was launched in 1957 and decommissioned in 1988. It was then repurposed for other jobs before recently being taken. Out of service as a corona virus pandemic takes a mental toll on young people. More states considering expanding opportunities for students to take mental health days to try to lessen stigma and reduce youth suicide fact lawmakers and Utah and Arizona have proposed bills that would add mental or behavioral health to the list of reasons that students could be absence. From class similar laws. We found out I've already been passed in Oregon, Maine, Colorado and Virginia and the fact of the past two years, the pandemic has increased pressure on kids who've been isolated from their friends and classmates for almost a year during the remote, learning the portion of Children's emergency room visits by the way related to mental health. Ballooned in 2027 39 now hear it co Moh news city officials and last to say multiple crew members on our seafood factory trawler in the illusion islands now testing positive for covert 19 Angry Joe Daily News reported that the city of Unalaska, saying Friday that the factory trawler Arapaho, owned by seafood company, O'Hara Corporation, reported 20 Was 40 crew members with tested positive city manager Aaron Reindeers, saying a couple of crew members reported symptoms after the vessel arrived in Alaska from Seattle Wednesday. India is saying the city is developing a plan to coordinate care for infected crew members and then determine what to do with the others. Come on. Whose time 7 40. Okay, let's.

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