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Picking up where they left off. Yeah, they got cash Is Mars jumping offsides? He's in for Alex Highsmith, who we saw limp in the first half. And those knows we favor in his lower by lower body injury, and it was a free play for Baker Mayfield. This hits Higgins on the slant. Nice play, 46 Yard line of the Steelers, Cleveland with Mayfield under center first Intend, Captain Snap traps Back five Hall was deflected in the line of scrimmage and flutters in completing grouper, the tight end trying to get that dying duck, and he lunged ahead, but could not. Capture. It isn't just watered about a foot in front of his outstretched hands. Second down and 10 for the brown. I believe that was TJ Want it once you got called in the land does a great job stylings of the Linus crew is what knows He's not going to get there. So he goes up reading Baker Mayfield Dying gets us a fingertip on it. They have the magic. They wanted Hooper against Vince. Vince Williams on an out route. It was there, but what knocked it away? Pittsburgh 46. Wearing long sleeves tonight, Mayfield 2nd 10 trucks back does a short pass down the middle. Caught in stride. 40 on the hash Mark Jarvis Landry quickly tackled when he caught picked up seven. The Pittsburgh Steelers 40 yard line. Flag way flag on the near side line, right, The snap, Kevin and so it's interesting illegal formation or the Steelers lined up offsides way before Mason offense. Yep, those were receiver number 81 was covered up that she wants to have your penalty playing second down. Well, looks like Hooper was late getting lined up to. I think he was on him. I think he made the mistake because they were there. Actually, in a a legal formation. You had Hooper off the ball Landry on at the last second. For whatever reason, Hooper goes up on the line of scrimmage and into the media penalty. Cleveland 49 with the penalties Second down 15 for the Browns five wide Mayfield back there by himself in the shutdown, arms dangling at his side, There's the snap. Four man rush, He cocks his arm. The pocket crumbles. He runs outside. He's on the numbers. He is to the sideline. Going to the far sideline. The 15 angles his way to the 47 yard line of Pittsburgh way have a gain of three. Let's see where they spot that ball. They're going to say he went out of bounds running into his own bench. So 49 of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Clinton's at 11 40 ticking in the third. With Cleveland leading 35 10 1 of the first time since you is got any pressure on Baker Mayfield now is on the backup. Defensive on the outside linebackers, are they? Dany Does a good job Russian against the working right Left tackle Generous wills. Forces bigger the script 3rd and 13 Pittsburgh 49. Here goes, the backpedaling may feel with heavy pressure and throws is he back pedals incomplete right down the middle For Higgins. The ball was flying over the hash mark and landing in about 38 of Pittsburgh. Bounces in the grass incomplete Here. It's fourth down, and the punting unit is out there on the 1st 2nd half possession for the Cleveland Browns, who have forced four Pittsburgh turnovers tonight. Intercepting roughest Burger three times, and they brought the blitz that time. Keep other dials and bring safety blitz, making Fitzpatrick writing Mayfield's faces and signed so the ball and give one is gonna punch 21 for left footed punter from are left to our right in the FARC, looking up. Taking in a catch is the card of the six runs to the 10 angles to the numbers. The 15 that's where he is belted and taken down. 100 43 hang of 4 to 6. And Pittsburgh will get it with their quarterback. Roethlisberger trudging back out there. 11 07 in the third, the Browns 35. This dealer's 10. This is Western ones coverage of the NFL playoffs. Are you concerned? Everyone loves shopping online..

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