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Replace screens. But. Almost glued together. There's no screws to take out there are underneath right? But that's always been the big question for me is, you know, how do you take this thing apart and then put it back together? Should be should be a challenge. Let's go on with this vegan women's restaurant that taxes men. Eighteen percent for attempting to eat there with them. Yes. So australia. I mean, shouldn't they forbid men entirely for trying to be they can't I don't know what the laws are are strata. Okay. If you can't forbid a man from coming into your restaurant, then you can't charge him more for being a man that's not how lost work washed up percents. Why why not just go the distance double double triple price? Bandmann? So they're like, okay. We'll just make you not wanna come. Well might be. I doubt it. I doubt they thought it through that much less ban bars. Do it. I don't know. I, you know, not frequenting lesbian bars. Probably not being welcome in lesbian bars. I don't have any idea. I mean. Create states, or I don't know what the laws in our area kind of oppressive from what I hear that. I can tell you that I would not feel comfortable from a legal standpoint opening of a restaurant in Keene New Hampshire and saying all women have to pay more. Dear god. They'd stone me states. You have that kind of largely one way discrimination. For gender. Although there have been bars who have been sued for things like ladies night, they lose. So so ladies nights is a legal thing. You can give away free drinks to women. Is that right? I thought it was that they cut in free. I mean depends on what are you? You get free drinks for being a lady. No, you either get free or you get certain percentage off or free drinks. There's that would be rare. Well, I certain that I have seen instances where women can get free drinks. Look if you like. Three drinks. If you're if you're running the honky-tonk, right? And you're clientele is eighty percent. Male ninety percent male. You're got a pool tables jukebox, and you know, a few female barflies. And that's all you got. And you run a special. Now, remember in many times, honky Tonks aren't charging too much for glass of beer might be twenty-five for Bud Light or cores draft. Not a big deal. So to give away some bud lights cores drafts in order to get the ladies in is then going to bring the male audience in even more thoroughly and they're going to pay for their drinks by and large get kind of watch. If you if a woman in a woman coming together that she's not just getting all the drinks for him. And her. The bartender isn't gonna go for that. But all in all it could be a winning proposition to do one night a week where you have ladies night. And then the rest, it's a discount or something like that. It's never like Saturday night right day or something. Right. So for visits not on that makes sense depending on where you aren't may. Or may not be legal. I think just rely on not getting sued because most people are not psychotic enough to sue over something. There was a lawsuit guys not being hired tutors or something. I remember that somebody decided that they had to have a lawsuit over determine who should be able to work at hooters who can't I've never seen a male. Server at a hooters. That's not why we go to hooters. What are you gonna hooters for the boobs and the shorts? I go to the hot chicks for the what I've considered to be pretty darn good chicken wings. So I had this happened was I literally back, you know, when I was dating not doing that now. But when I was a gal from work was showing extreme amount of interest. Even I could figure out she was interested which shows the level of interest and she clearly wanted to Astra day, and I like going to hooters, it was close to the place at that good wings, or whatever I said, hey, you wanna go to after work, and she was mad. I had no idea. Later. She told me that it was like, I just like the wings. And she started getting nice to me again. Because I think she realized I just like the wings. But if this is the sort of if I get hell over asking where we're going to go to a meal that I'm gonna pay for. I'm not I already done. So I'm not getting into relationship where the first thing that we're doing is dealing with somebody who's touchy and upset maybe I was wrong for asking somebody to hooters on a date. But I did it. I swear completely innocent. I just like the wings. That's shocking. I mean, most people who go to hooters go to hooters for other reasons. All right. I would tend to agree. I get now where people are coming from. You have a restaurant was naked staff. People are going to go for the naked staff. They do I. Gotcha. And this is a pared down version of that. Right. But there's just good burgers at the strip club. I can't how silly itself I feel you know, they do. Music videos like several times over and over again until somebody pointed out to me that they're like people in music venue. I was like, oh, I didn't. I know. Right. I I that's. But that's not what. I don't know why most people go to hooters. I suspect you're right. When you say that most people go to hooters for the hooters because that's the name of the restaurant, but I was going for the wings, and I was completely oblivious to this. And it wasn't me trying to gay just sitting there in the wings and look at any money. I can assure you have prior to dating me have have considered that a possibility, right. You have good diction diction, and you could be gay. But as the cases may be speaking of gay. Ran this restaurant where taxing eighteen percent. It's a restaurant by women for women. Can you tell me a little bit more about what was going on here? Just to some of the highlights. Yeah. So it was eighteen percent alleged tax. It was eighteen percent. Short surcharge. It was allegedly. Optional optional was imposed once a week.

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