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What the need to do is go back to this laboratory that we saw at the beginning of the movie that new to busted out of. Yeah. They had a power outage the same night that Harry died slash disappeared. There has to be a connection. And so let's get in the smart car that barely can fit us and our Pok Mon and Pika to can massage Sidex feet as we drive back to that lab. From the beginning. I have always liked side from the shorts. We review. You know, he's never really been in any of the movies that we've seen but the shorts. He always seemed just really stressed and panicky as to see him this way here and needing that put massage of the fact that Pika choose like you've got me sitting next to a bum. Oh, I'm rolling in the aisle. It's just funny. I always like side because it was like Howard the duck. No, I like signed up for sidewalk damnit is. He says just kinda duck thing you're thing. It's gone way out of hand visually. I thought it was a weird choice to have if we're only going really have to Pokemon that are focused upon throughout the movie Pika chew inside a having to yellow poke Amman next week other on screen so often other that was a weird choice. I would have gone with gigli puff or somebody in a different color scheme. Just from a visual standpoint. Because it's a lot of free yellow nece going on screen gab. But people like that more cuddly in that way. And so maybe they can sell more dolls. I know the economic. Of it. All I do know that I'm getting a little tired of watching screens. This is a trope that happens in any detective story. You're trying to figure something out and people ended up reading files, and you know, like here it's like we're just going to replay videotapes of what people have done before. It's not really a great way of explaining what happens usually you want the detective detect you want them to put one and one together and figure it out. And here are these are just people that walk into a lab flip a switch and just replay. What happened with the MU to break out the amount of misdirection? They tried to do in this movie is also a little frustrating because here we're going to think Pika CHU is evil because he could chew helped MU to break out and mute to told him, Hugh, did well, not only that. But we're also told that hairy was the one that captured mute to like they have not written the first movie out of continuity. They said long ago, we may. Made a mute to in canto he escaped. So they're acknowledging that animates got new ity here. Hairy was the one that went out and captured him for us. So that we could work on him extract, his DNA, and from that we made well, we could all have guessed that purple gas. So they're both bad. This is both Pok Mon and son realizing that they're connected to somebody that was a betrayer, but yet MU to at this point is only understood as villain. We have not seen that there's a sensitive soft side to that information. I think helps play out in the long run of this movie. But it wasn't readily apparent on first viewing at least to me. Like, I wasn't sure that Mutubu original story from the anime still stood in this universe. I thought maybe this was the end result of Mutubu being made in this tube and breaking out much like we saw in that movie on a different timeline. Yeah. Right. They were doing. Their own twist on that story line. But no, this is not that it is in the dialogue. It's not clear. I agree. It's not readily apparent. But what I heard in dialogue was that? He was recaptured by Harry, and what he really do that. And why would he do that some of these questions don't get answered as far as I can tell I don't know why he would have done that if indeed he did. But there is a lot of as you say already misdirection to get us to think at this point that these are people we should not trust. And this is really going to impact Pika choose ability to work on this case..

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