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Football hall of Famer of the first ballot variety. Good to see you aren't sat. How are you sir? Always good to see really wonderful. They right back at you. Now thank you for bringing that warm weather from California which because come on now it was cold cold three or four days ago rich. I woke up to forty something degrees. Now that is particularly. Can people handle that around here We all brought offer coats out for a couple of days like so three. Yeah Yeah we want us to Florida boy. Anything under fifty five the damn cold I and Guana sounds like a drink at Senor. You're frauds some sort of hurricane and everything like that. Well you know memo Hito if I can tell you people frozen mint the debt that works. That's it what's the super bowl going to mean to this city warm. What do you think you know? What just like? All the other super bowls in Miami you think about the prints in the rain singing purple rain all right Joe Name of guaranteeing the first one all the Super Bowl Dion Sanders San Francisco coming in here in ninety five when I was in my last year at Miami you think about all the super. We're both the classics. The classics Great Gains Great Weather. It's the magic city but I don't get it easy to love that in ten years and You know the onside kick was the last one for the saints shocking. Like everyone in this city has been magical when asked go ahead. Ask him warn. There've been ten super bowls in Miami so we narrowed it down to four. What's the best Miami Super Bowl Super Bowl? Three Nemeth guarantee super bowl thirteen steelers second back to back wins. That's Jackie Smith dropped touchdown for Dallas Super Bowl. twenty-three Joe Montana Comeback Hits John Taylor for the game winning touchdown or Super Bowl forty four. Ten Years Ago Saints Over Colt Halt. Pick six onside kick. What say you are as a number one as a number twelve pick in the NFL draft? I take back seats. The only number number twelve big in the history of NFL. And I still name them. So I'll take Joe name of guaranteeing and on the beach with land.

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