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And one of the areas that's been off of the lighting through two games has been there power plants for five and this kind of goes back. The stars struggling to gain some traction against the blue jackets JT Miller sees time on both play units. Any offered why the blue jackets are having success against the lightning in that department. There pressuring really hard, and they're kind of playing like they are filing five it's hard to get in the inside and make plays and they're doing a good job of disrupting things, obviously. So, you know, we got to execute our players very, you know, you've got to work to get the puck back. And then after that it's execution, and you know, I think we all have a lot of trust and faith in group. Whatever groups on the ice. And you can't worry about games wanted to. I'm just worried about you said all it takes is one goal in the floodgates could open for this lightning team confidence wise, but you feel like maybe their confidence is where it needs to be. And Brian burns says the beat reporter for the Tampa. Bay leading join me on lighting powerplay live earlier tonight as well. He feels like this team's confidence issue and a bit seems like the series has kind of turned on that that big that Sergei Bobrovsky Mehta early in the second period of game one when he was able to rob Makita kucherov in front on the power play and then kucherov hits a post a little bit later, and it seems like ever since then he's gotten confidence, but Brodsky has Columbus has gotten confidence. And it seems like, you know, just the lightning are little unsure of their game right now just really need to get back to join what they did in the regular season. What allowed them to have so much success in the regular season. By the way, teams that win the first two games of best of seven series on the road have a series record of seventy two and twenty that's a seven eighty three win percentage at came from NHL dot com. Now, Columbus won the first two games of a playoff series for the second straight. You. Remember they did that last year against the caps going up to before losing in that series. And they're five goals. Scored in game two is tied for the most in a playoff game in franchise history. And since going down three nothing in the first period of game one Columbus score the next seven in the series now your arm. Okay. Carolina and their GM feels like the blue jackets. Well, they're playing their game in the series..

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