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212 if you're driving downtown that rise slightly lighter than normal thirty five to forty minutes south albuquerque bucket at i 20 the northbound elite user on and off university avenue the other downtown connector seventy five north of door kids street i 20 westbound i've got the best because of bunch of debris the pope at the centre lane at wesley chapel road exit sixty eight your baghdad evans built and what i'll be can slow back at i 285 a lotta gorell coolray carrier traffic center side 285 northbound from just before i 20 that over in the cobb area watching brake lights from paces very 275 and about forty five minutes 285 eastbound south often georgia 400 to covington highway house that outer loop ballots williams good news trouble in the gab county finally cleared to revive eastbound the outer loop pass bolder chris road you hit the brakes back before more when the avenue also seeing delays on the north part of town 285 westbound between georgia hordern i 75 southbound stays g end up leaving i 75 down toward i 20 on the west side earlier trouble before hollowell parkway is off to the right triple team traffic wsb cobb county motorcycle police officer seriously hurt today after hitting a patch of ice on kennesaw do west road two other officers also a motorcycles were hurt but not nearly as badly brad nitz says it was six degrees warmer in anchorage alaska this morning that it was here still it's cold is it is it might be worse national weather service meteorologist greg galina are going to see some of very odd places for for snow on an icy conditions as far as northern florida just to the northwest of jacksonville getting into the coastal georgia south carolina and in coastal north carolina uh men southeast virginia over the next few days republican senator orrin hatch of utah announces today he will retire after the current serbia's the third gop senator to bag a run in twenty eight seed she is now the sixtieth mayor of atlantic he's alliance bottom sworn in this afternoon in the ceremony at morehouse college talk together about transparency being paramount when that county police looking for your help.

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