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Go. Less I'll say like thirteen over thirteen Broke up Okay that's. All right, so three. Let's see three or four. Years ago my problem more. Than that now maybe four or five years ago My son. Eddie was, coaching in. Buffalo the Utica college right. Right he was at Niagara sorry, using he went from Utica tonight Agra. Agra full so he. He, asked Erica to go with her Yeah Oh. Okay so you know rough time, on? Right She's like I don't want to blame Two years? Ago would you come to. Bemidji state, she said yes to Minnesota The MSCI MSCI buffalo I'm calling? To land of ten thousand Yeah. I went to, college up there. I think, buffalo might, be I don't know. Man more cosmopolitan I. Dunno buffalo cheese bring their own albums They don't go? To, a game or two at Saint. Bonaventure so we fly to. Buffalo and then, you gotta go. From there, and only, in New York wall I mean if I Mason. Get stuck in Pittsburgh you can. Always drive the buffalo. It's only, three hours Not that far Niagara Falls is right there right. NBC sends a car to? The airport to drive me. To only in guy gets and what? Do you do I'm, going, to do it would you happen to know Eddie, Olczyk I call them like. Yeah I had to drive him. From buffalo to Pittsburgh Yeah yeah The times. That, app listen I'd like to go see Pittsburgh and hang out there and we'll see, the ballpark but buffalo visit. So, bit, yeah Get out there for. Steelers That's something that. Would be the, baseball. Stadium PNC looks great great September kid. Get out there in September two. Hundred showed up last night I, don't. Know I don't understand how they don't. Now get looking I know that Ownership passed ownership again. The money the aspect is you could argue all. Day long but Eighteen A team that's been playing well that you know, the the cubs are in. Town it is kind surprising just that's why these teams still cry. Poor although the idea that there's such a thing as a small market team, anymore I guess they do generate a lot of revenue with their regional sports. Networks I understand, that but the what they're splitting up now from advanced media big of what they're splitting up from the big. Pi it's, like don't I don't want to hear Kansas City and, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, cry, poor maybe I'm crazy But jeez can they be the Yankees the cops. Are the, Red Sox probably not but you still can operate like, it's, nineteen, ninety, five it's amazing The pressure of what the Steelers. There you're For..

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