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And so I remember when I left medicine the first place, I went to was to work at this consulting firm McKinsey and company, which I love another exceptional fund chapter my life. But I remember like naively asking at one point. I'm like, why don't these companies do Eminem? And everyone's like, what do you mean? They eat Eminem's all the time. And I'm like, oh, no sorry. I mean morbidity mortality why is it that? There isn't a post hoc analysis of everything that goes wrong in a totally unemotional way that just and the reason Eminem works is. It's completely closed. There is no. Legal recourse. So there's no hiding nobody who's not a part of surgeries allowed in that room. Yeah. And that sort of what enables it to be that way. Which I look if you're the if you're running a publicly traded company, you don't have that luxury in either same experience with 'em. It was this horrible painfully going up thing on this patient died because of a mistake that was made here, and then having to go through that and everybody looking at you and being like what you did this. Did you think about this? I did. But I decided this do you feel like that was a correct decision will obviously not but coming out just like, okay. First of all, I'm glad that that that I was able to talk about this. Because you don't think I've been beating myself up about this like I'm just a second year. Resident like this is devastating to me. Like, I went into this to help people. My biggest fear is hurting people in hurt someone and you come out so much stronger for it even though you've been put through this ringer. And we right. We don't do that another. It's a blame culture. Like, you get fired if you screw up in a lot of businesses in the hospital. Nurses, often make mistakes and the truth. Is oughta be a no blame culture. What was going on in that picks us dispensing system that allowed that medicine to be dispense? Even though you eroneous typed it in wrong, and it was a paralyzing agent instead of a sedative and the person died under torture in the scanner. And you didn't check on them because there was no protocol saying they had to be monitored. Will we need to fix that? Was there malicious intent was a reckless nece. Was there substance abuse on the part of the of the nurse of the doctor? No or will. Now, we need to talk about how can we prevent this from happening? And what is accountability? What does it mean? In the setting of maybe free will not being entirely a real thing. But at the same time having us having to behave like it is or else people won't it won't condition. People to do the right thing. I love how we turned free will into Eminem. I never get the talk about Eminem. This is why this is why you need to do a show that no one will listen to is just you and me about stuff we care about, you know, having been through it all what do you care about Peter? What you interested in these days? What's driving you these days, and how can my experience because what I've done is is so different as well. And I can't categorize. People ask me, I want them just to stop talking because I'm like, I don't want to tell you this. You have a partner story. I don't know that it's harder. It's just it's just it's more complicated narrow I say a professional clown because that's what my dad says. So you'll become a professional clown. At least you're putting some non on the table. Otherwise is just wasting. All the medical school. And now what you're doing? It just you know, jacking off on this gamut. He doesn't even know what that means. He just hears me say it needs like audio jacking. I'm like don't say that in mixed company. It's not something, you know. So so, you know, you're spending your time. But you're you're between San Diego New Yorker. All this cool stuff you're talking with like, really smart people on your podcast. What's driving you right now personally professionally because there's a bit of a divide. I wanna go personally. Actual okay. Let's go professional..

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