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And another one called Scotland Jacobite rising seventeen forty five for help who's going to be on that tour I don't know how much they cost but you only live once right some news items your J. talking by the waist WBZ J. talking J. talking hurricane it's that time of the season for hurricanes and Puerto Rico dodged a bullet access inside dies because they didn't Dodge they didn't do anything they didn't move at all they did not Dodge the hurricane didn't have time though they say they stood side ways in the hurricane just rushed by looks like Florida is gonna get it though and you know is always a possibility will be affected as well and so I will keep you posted on that some other news items this is a bummer for the for a grill bar for the farm for for the farmers and their loyalty to the our president is being tested severely first there with the Chinese tariffs and the Chinese retaliate retaliatory territories that hurt them badly so that we had to spend a lot of money bailing them out subsidizing them paying them off for being hurt and this trade war caused by the president's staffs that's one thing right now there's this loyalty to trump tested over new corn ethanol rules president trump well let me tell us and China that I told you about we're past that we're not really past that now but piled on to that the patience of a farmers is really being tested there's a farmer named Miller they will talk a little bit about and he's one of the people raise corn for ethanol but president trump is chosen the oil companies over the farmer now because he's given waivers to thirty one refineries so that they do not have to blend ethanol into the gasoline and that's probably that's that's catastrophic for them it was a China terrace this time we're not the China terraces time waivers the administration granted this month thirty one refineries said they don't have to blend ethanol into the gasoline since roughly forty percent of the US corn crop stern to ethanol that's huge a huge blow to them I I don't know who are we gonna have to bail them out some more it's a clear and this farmer Miller she sees it as many do as the president using baby oil over the farmer well I will farmer Miller said trump's brinkmanship with China as a necessary gamble the ethanol waivers smacked into smack to him of favoritism very wealthy and powerful industry big oil and this is what this guy named Miller said he's a farmer that's our own country stabbing us in the back that's the president going the oil companies need to make more than the American farmer that was just quote I like the oil company better or I'm friends with the oil company more than I am with friends with the farmer that's clear cut either or thank we'll see how it all plays out the farmers are a feeling betrayed them beat why because they have been betrayed let's hang on to that so look that was news we're not talking about that this news is not to talk about we don't talk about politics I'll give you a news that has was related to politics but it's not a top topic but I will ask you well where would you go on a historical tour if you go anywhere less that's a pretty good question I hadn't thought of that before this is Bobby in Charlestown where would you buy you go to Charles town right yeah I'm gonna be leaving your guest last night love Alice and his clothes I'm bringing mantle Charlestown good how that happened how do yeah I'm gonna modern toward sometime in September I started my thoughts at city square was once market square but it was also the first settlement in in this country was founded on Judeo Christian the first several more ships service to god would help them build a cradle yeah but John one twelve a gun now by words long gone well well they were taken under the square now do the on ramps for sent a letter in Ontario project your honor three cringe tab and that the three trains tab and that was once the seat of the first one of the first government when the court assistance with general court of Massachusetts and John so that was that's always city square you're gonna come over you can join a chill in the how did you hook up the tour how do you make that connection barbell I'm on the Historical Society okay I'll have a history she was reading discover thank you my books did you get my second book yes absolutely what no Boston's most conform to radio talk show hosts tell the people the names of your books again Charles found a cornerstone of America and I it's from an excerpt of my home and I wrote in nineteen eighty eight on three hundred six yeah but their child in the standard want your cornerstone of America which fortified inpatient sense of pride and gratitude Houston this combination a native sons and daughters haven't out this presentation here we call it home no matter how far we won't go it's great granted Ernest well known as places but we'll try to call time already that's why I got that title what was right when they found ways because Congress don here you have one of the first governments the first open worship service when I start there and since square where we began there's also mention of Daniel gore was the president of the constitutional convention that ratified the US constitution and the constitution a lot of the United States constitution was adapted from there the message right you know all that Hey Bob Bob I got it in that way I have to run because for some reason it's real busy now but thank you you kept Boston Donna on the other night well I don't know she was told a lot of Kerr of that yeah I couldn't believe all this now I know yeah but now I have people on hold that right I don't want to really you've been very gracious I hope you're doing well what's your horn a complete so you know you on my Facebook page I put you on the trail of phones excellent thank you thank you what chart sure you take I'll send you a teacher medium what are your double ax medium medium allows wait double axe I don't think so Bobbi not I don't know how you look well do you have on your job on your Facebook I used to be back here I lost I'm I'm not just crazy small now Hey Bobby thank you I I need a break and everything take your brother okay okay yeah he heard Boston Donna she was on a long time because she she kind of became a guest we get to marry Tommy and dugout to this he is.

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