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And nobody can forget the coolest person in all affiliate gritty come on. You've taken a hockey team. You've taken a hockey team. That was once hated you've taken like the Ron Hextall hockey era. Eyes are glazing over I'm going deep dive hockey, you've taken an era of hockey for a team that was just hated. And you've made them lovable by giving them a modern day muppet icon in gritty entertainment. I just drunk me. I it doesn't at this point. Yes, there's an expectation that we wanna see the seventy Sixers win. But even if they don't we're going to watch them week in week out because they're pretty darn good. There's an expectation that the eagles are going to win. But if they don't we're gonna watch them weaken and week out because they're pretty darn good. And they've got personalities and guess what? At this point, whether the Phillies win the Easter not. Are we talking about the Braves today? Come on. And we talk is anybody talking about the Braves. Like, the only people talking about Braves fans are are Braves are Braves fans that are out on social media trying to trolled today. And be like, oh, yeah. Well, we're the defending division champs. Congratulations. Woohoo I'll slow clap that all day long. But are we focusing on the Braves? No, we are going to watch the Phillies all year long when the home run derby comes up all eyes are going to be on yet again rice Harper and this time in affiliates. Hat, well, you should never put a head over that beautiful hair. But you know, what I mean? We're we're at a spot..

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