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Is teaming up with the Mexican government to go after twelve fugitive suspected of violent crimes in LA the details in two minutes after traffic it's four oh five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives to respond on the four or five mission hills northbound side it right now the stock car in the carpool lane your traffic SO there from the one eighteen and then further to the south that slows out of Culver city as you make your way into north hills and five south of the seven ten we've got a pick up truck stuck in the center divider with a jam up out of Boyle heights let's get it does when he's in sky three over the four or five two Orange County I tried that could definitely be worse far from perfect out north bound gonna be up well you know I got on or off the brakes got to say from almost the ultralight up to a broker sell the the biggest of especially for thirty five records sell but not too bad a ticket at a jamboree that is going to be kind of a minor annoyance if you've got a Jeffrey is all a joke about directions let's go to Scott that with the sixty Jeff yeah sixty out he's found is gonna be on and off like they're out of the east interchange heading over toward the six oh five with supports like around seven four diamond bar and there is an injury crash six oh five south and a Peck road in the carpool lane that's adding to a back of starting at valley Boulevard check out the twenty two with Brian if you are westbound on the twenty two coming up to a grand lasalle street there are three car crash looks like that is clearing so you're gonna be jammed off the fifty five pass that were slowing westbound out to crush the harbor in east bound not looking too bad from about Fairview slow into the crush on the ninety one east at the seven ten I've got a record ported in lanes for the back up from the one ten our next reported for fifteen with more traffic reports more often I did respond in the southern California Subaru retailers traffic center can extend seventy newsradio warm and sunny again today right around average turned down the humidity of seventies eighties and nineties to near the triple digit speeches in the valleys inland empire for tomorrow.

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