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She had a couple of good starts with the colts in twenty eleven you sign with the bucks in two thousand twelve and this I'm sort of fascinated by because I probably should but the the intricacies of NFL contracts are still. I'm still somewhat learning. The buck sign you to a two year contract in March the next year, they cut you. But then four days later, they resigned, you is that essentially them saying we don't want you at the price that we have you on. We're gonna cut you which formerly ends the contract. But we don't believe that you have a lot of other options and that you'll come back to us for less Modell. Yeah. I remember because you know, the first year I was with them. It was just being Josh Freeman as a quarterback. And Josh was coming off, you know, solid years and the first year that we were together like had a really good stretch of good ball. But he's that's when he started to have some off the field issues Josh had some team and he fought off the field. And so they had kind of expressed me like, listen, this was after the NFL kind of changed their quarterback role and all that stuff if they had said we're going to draft the kid relatively somewhat early and we wanna keep three, but we can't keep you as the third. As a potential third quarterback at your number. So we're gonna cut you. And we'll bring you back, and it was very much like, yeah. We know this is this is your probably your best option financially whatnot. So that's for sure you've got it right on the right on the dot. That's how it worked out. And they brought me back, and you know, it was an interesting year. So you didn't officially retire till twenty seventeen. During that stretch when you didn't have set gigs, and we rebound around was there a thought to go play. Elsewhere. Did you ever wanna play outside the NFL how much were you tied to the idea of I wanna play football till the wheels fall off versus as soon as the opportunities for the best. I can get kinda run out. I'm ready to move on. Yeah. I was listen I love football. And I I was a guy that loved the grind of it. Like I from an early age. That's what I talked about with my father and the work ethic. And I told myself when I fell out of love with the grind. That's when I was going to be done. I would not like a, hey, I'm just gonna play to the wheels fall off. I was never gonna play outside of the NFL would have never gone anywhere else to a different league in play. I was really like when this is done..

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