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All access free preview weekend happening right now open the I will keep stuff cold as the distracted driving thing for a little bit in a lot of people are distracted by not driving right now sitting standing still or close to it on a freeway issues of crashes all over in problems in northern Kentucky speaking a bluegrass that's sort of where this conversation started at the idea of distracted driving others are looking to make it illegal in K. Y. in the bluegrass good to touch your phone in you're looking at a hundred dollar fine to start maybe two thousand dollars the second time for like a two strikes and get pounded it big time in that relationship with you in your devices electronics is a is a big problem distraction almost as big of an issue of the it is your drinking and driving and causing of injuries and death some two hundred eighty six people this from a Kentucky statistics and so far twenty nineteen have been injured five people killed in Kentucky just with cell phone use eighteen and two thousand eighteen three hundred ten three hundred fifteen I don't know it shut my glasses on something like that three to fourteen were injured of list of like four people that were killed just driving in today they they have the decent you know the signs dot has up at the Ohio department transportation and it is like a drunk driving deaths already this year like what two fifty or two forty five or two fifty five somewhere in that were weren't just to let you know how bad that is it doesn't mention distracted driving but it is an issue so what I'm wondering is how distracted or when you are you when you drive what do you do where you think you can handle it and what have you seen other people doing take a multiple questions are because of multiple layers that you dig deeper like in on you the more you'll cry I but it is in the midst of this also I'm wondering what are you seeing other people do were you're like do or do that I wanna be sexes sexist what are you doing because sometimes we we can do stuff that other people can't sometimes people think they can handle what they're doing and they can't and they don't know what order in different that's the that's the weird disconnect that goes along with it in just a little bit we'll get to the the issue of the the the young high school runner who got disqualified for wearing a job in a district meet and if you don't know what that is it's a head covering even Nike may and makes them that the Muslim where women ticket sort of the cover themselves then we'll get into that causes some people are pretty miffed about that whole issue there's a term I don't think I've ever used in my life by the way it's a first miffed thank you that's a your word for the date that we were watching like the Electric Company Sesame Street wherever they always had a word or for the day that that's mine now Jeff seven hundred W. O. W. projector holding what's going on witness my dad now and the way pulling the bag see in the rear view or the rear window okay back in the day yeah like where you put the dog with a little head that moves yet that's the dangers as all get out yeah that's terrible yeah on a case he went on holiday Rambler he's Smokin he's got a capital call three Corning ware which is the no it's wise to round holding a map on this hearing will it's only funny because you're here I would say my brother was with what my mom telling her out she added seven eight distracted I don't know what it is is totally different so comparatively speaking that were they better at being distracted or we just didn't pay attention keep track because I remember like being in the car with my aunt uncle they had like the arm rest and I was dialing up I'd sit on the arm rest I thought it was my special share in really only does was put me launching place to go through the windshield there is another when Christine pouring Klay trope by all yeah it all goes back to the national lampoon's vacation that's what I'm talking about right I appreciate the call so yeah I mean there's distractions and then there's distraction do you think a law like that's gonna help I mean maybe if it just discourages some people alright first ticket and certainly the two thousand dollar maximum on the second ticket they get my attention but what it what it is that gonna make people safer I I'm just wanting what you think Chris seven hundred W. O. W. by the way of the phone number for you to get interactive on the two hearing center dot com hotline seven four nine seven thousand eight hundred a big one pound seven hundred until nine eighteen T. what's a press so my question is you have all these distractions going on in Ohio but when we did not have the distractions going on in Ohio we still could not use a turn signal it's true your they just leave it on that's the thing I always wonder if it will be in the middle lane on seventy one with that the left turn signal on I'm trying to pass a like are you getting over Iraq what you're doing what you know that's right now because your turn signal on or they make a sharp turn into a driveway or two whatever onto a street and there's no turn signal and you have to slam on your brakes because thanks although some decided to turn a warning at all and you see it all the time so I would say the destruction but then again no all high ones cannot drive this is just an Ohio things you think it Anthony cross the bridge and safe except for Buckeyes that go over the bluegrass or they wondering A. N. or west region one item one hundred studies Michelle makes a lot of network when are the bottom three worst drivers yeah in the other study that will tell me bake it'll help me live to be a hundred next time too which is fine for that and then eight hours later will be a study this is the coffee in the bacon will kill us before we even get drive next to make it will help you live you just get a shot of bacon with some Irish whiskey and the more issues that if we sell all the bills all day long I am hungry firstly thank you I I appreciate that man that's that's that's I really in that sounds fantastic let's on real Dave seven hundred W. L. W. I'm trying to recover from that now completely took me to a different place go ahead what kind of got me will get me the munchies yeah about that okay so what how are you distracted what have you seen in is this log I didn't get the first of two things I think it's stupid drivers going all forty eight states that's fifty unique no I've never been well but I don't know about Alaska Hawaii also if you haven't been there it doesn't exist I got you okay that's fine just let me think it looked like the old days were all black and white because I saw all the pictures in the photo op and all the old TV movies was in black and white that will either win color happen but the world was boring back in the day so here's the thing that I see and I I think because the cars have more more electronic Saddam you know I really think people need to take the time to learn all the electronics because I think they can be better generally very distracting yeah that's that's point number one but the thing that makes me nuts is one I don't when I see people that do not have their headlights on when it's a raining or be when it's getting dark and they just forget to turn them all and now all the cars get automatic headlights the gum on any new card yeah it's been that way for you're one of draining turn your lights on for god's sake that's true that's a good idea loves the Patty it may mean that it really does now what do you do the distraction is any most of us see what were very quick it's like one of those where we get it we look when you meet someone immediately you can determine if you we usually within a short amount of time what their defects and flaws or however messed up they may or may not be yeah I I can't get your own I think sometimes in my wife will point this out to make if I'm talking on the phone or whatever and if I'm in on I'm grandma obviously on my Bluetooth right now and I just pulled up in front of my house I'm good to go but I will miss a turn of where I'm going does your your eyes your active that much at yeah because now your automatic stuff kind of comes into play you stop when you need do you do that you turn left you're you're kind of your watching but yet I will miss where I'm supposed to turn off because I'm talking on the phone and I'm talking you with my hands on the wheel you know I'm I'm I'm there are perfectly safe but yet I think talking on the phone in general whether you got it in your hand or whether your Bluetooth thing it is generally distracting now I I'm gonna say some David's embarrassing but I feel like I can tell you in just I can confess this to you nobody listening Sir go ahead now now will be on soon screwed if that's the case yeah there's a whole lot of people sitting in traffic going nowhere fast listening one cannot help us this traffic accidents you'll get we're going soon enough I'm sorry we tried to warn you in couple minutes will give you more detail traffic are now that being said I will get lost in thought and then miss turns yeah I mean just in my own in my own skull like just thinking about what had a conversation thinking about the show like on the way and I got can brew on I know there's issues with traffic on one to seventy five in for a minute I like blacked out forgot where I well I need my car was gone I'll end up here or at home or somewhere else and not know how I got there it in I don't know I don't know that I was distracted all to get anything wrong I did get pulled over there's no accident but that's a friend I'll just wait on the wait a minute what we're so we're seventy one I got I got to get on seventy one how that happened I I hope I'm not the only one or maybe I need to see some I think that happened for more people than you think so I think the point is we need it we all everybody you know young old men women we need to take driving more servers we most definitely do Dave I appreciate you being a part of the show and you got invented if no one's listening I'm gonna look to you forget because I'm gonna be screwed yeah you got plenty to say a word take care yourself man I hope you enjoy the rest your weekend I will get a run and Pete room for you talking distractions what distracts you what have you seen people doing do you think is added the law an issue of for enforcement in the blue grass stakes gonna help a give you some updates on traffic issues bottom line is you can get problems in northern Kentucky seventy five seventy one there been issues of crashes we've had heavy rain it even though it's a spotty in clearing up then they'll be more to come just add a little extra time if you're already and I'm sorry but if you're trying to get into northern Kentucky maybe take two seventy five around its scenic their leads to look at and you can listen to the big one and get interactive and hopefully not too distracted I'll talk on had jobs in an issue of that and kids and running as well as an update on scores there's a lot going on even though the football bear cats have the Saturday off of sterling hanging out of the big one glad you're here to win the nation's station seven hundred W. L. W. have some fun burned a lap right you're always better when you join because you late show even better on Monday afternoon at three U. L. W..

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