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Punish The most affluent residents of the city. And I I still I still remember that. Why would he? Why would he do something like that? Throw down to God. Let the people I mean, you know you have a honeymoon period. What? What You want to be hit? You want to be nice to everybody, don't you? What the hell was he thinking of, Um Yeah. De Blasio. He doesn't like Manhattan. He hates Manhattan. He's never attended any of the Gallas or the balls that you know the big charity functions. He He just really has a lot of scorn for And and he always says that He doesn't see the central Business District of Manhattan as the end of as as the center of the universe. No, it's not sure, but it is the center of New York's revenue right exactly as utter he has other scoring court. I mean, very recently he was imploring people who who are upset about things, he said. Help me redistribute wealth helped me build affordable housing in white communities like he made this statement. He. He's a real class and racial warrior. Frankly, uh, and he just likes anybody. You know the Upper East side he saw as Bloomberg's area. But, as you said, though, I mean, he's also a friend of the developers didn't the some parts of lower Manhattan weren't there like elderly housing projects are low income housing projects, and he just let the developers come in. And, uh, you know, scatter all these people like like he was Robert Moses of a new generation. Kind of. Yeah, You know this pretty well. Um Yeah, he there was a place a building on the Lower East side that was had a deed restriction, and he allowed the very complicated way he allowed the deed restrictions to be lifted. And it all benefited. James Coppolino. Who's you know, essentially Described at the center of Develop real estate and politics in New York City for 50 years, close adviser to de Blasio. That's the thing the consultants of these have debrosse without consultants to turn City Hall into a ticket window where they could meet their clients. They could essentially write laws. I mean, it was heavy duty, you know? Corruption. Basically, he managed to skates. I call him the luckiest mayor in the history of New York City. Yeah, I mean, so many of those assemblyman have gone to prison. The state senators, and he's just and he's just gotten away with it. And well, it's funny New York State New York State has plenty of law enforcement. But if you look at all of the people who've gone to jail, it's all been federal. Because at the city and the state levels They're all in on it. They're all the Democrats. They're all they all have the same. The district attorney, the attorney general the conflict of interest sports. Are all appointed or elected by the same game. So the only people who can put anyone in jail or the feds And de Blasio managed to escape. Mm. You think any of the people in Florida coming back? We're coming back to New York City last question. I wouldn't. I don't see why they would. I wouldn't either. I got a lot of them are my neighbors in Florida and I don't think they're coming back. Everybody, so they'll come back. I don't think so. I don't see it happening. Seth Barrett. I look forward to reading your book, The last days of New York a reporter's true tale, and it's just It's a horrible, sad story. But it's a It's a warning to what they what the Democrats would like to do to the entire country. I think Seth Baron the last days of New York Available now. I'm back in New England. Of course, one of the first appointments I had was a perfect smiles at National New Hampshire. I love Florida, but when it comes to my teeth, I wait to come home to the best doctor Bruce Houghton. I've said it before. Dr. Housing is a veneer engineer and a world class dental artist. I'm not into all these new protocols since the virus, But I have enjoyed a lot of the new procedures. The perfect smile has put in place they actually make it easier to go to the dentist and more enjoyable. Many of these new devices put you in a state of total relaxation.

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