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Walking hilarious so far no i was not trying to piss you off it actually. Okay okay so we have one final story. That frosty scented all. There is another thing that we have to talk about two things So on the kim and on wednesdays thursday i sent lincoln stance town to pick a pizza from the from the place next to the chinese food. Plays where we got food the night four so anyway. They're in there. And i guess data is should be the one telling this story. She should be in the house like fairly quickly. She's not the horse right now but daily ran into this weird lady Wink or frosty. Fill in the rest. You see what happened was wise. We sit down with food. Will the we know we're we're getting dinner and a show so we're sitting this. You know pizza to worry everything. We're waiting for it to get made and everything and there's this little old lady. They're eating her food and she's gonna tell us how she's been living gluten free not having flower and oh by blood pressure log and she shows off her phone. You're not seriously she's really for real entertaining. Us just nonstop talk. No look here look my. This is my best one one. And she's going off and on and on and finally back. We're doing our best not to be rude beckham. And she goes off her mary way and all of a sudden the owner was like oh my god. You don't even know half the story because she mentioned something about not having a tv since two thousand eight okay. Whatever but then they got into the story of telling us about well the show have. Tv wars to this court mandated. Because apparently oprah winfrey Ghamdi and some other dude toner that apparently the lady living next door was the anti christ and she needed to go. Save the kids so apparently she went next door and kidnap the kids and has a record of it because oprah and who else gandhi name. Yeah there's a couple of many oprah anxiety told her to yes. Oprah was the biggest one she was the biggest influence his wife's getting into tv anymore but trump supporters are the idiots are the cases. Yeah okay yeah alright. America making the pizza and everything else. You walk door okay. Who over god boys. Most of the people in keene are pretty normal. There are exceptions to the rule. And then they are really not what i love. Story this story. you know what i love about. This story is how much y'all put down rednecks in north carolina. And then come across the annoying to new hampshire. Few idiots in new hampshire by. Who's the dom idiots again. At least most of the people here earthly normal but not and they are really don. Are you sure it's just that most of the people actually take their meds. She was taking her blood pressure. Mitch hedberg over. Oh my goodness she also supposedly have proof. That lady next door was the anti christ. So thank you oprah up there with them sahibzada his falls stuff now so then i'm also while they were here. I was reading my marketing book. Old trying to finish. I'm sure that on that. Lincoln frosty sold. The chapter. that i'm going through is Coming up with obviously different marketing strategies. But like thinking of a memorable name your company being one of when if these things And i'm reading this and i'm trying to find the actual sentence that i was looking for but i'm sure that lincoln steve remember still the name of this company kind of unforgettable good marketing on their part so badly rain coming up with with the good name and stuff and then they listening of company. They're referring to as anal all and it's anal tech. That's how it's written anal. Was like i've heard of what what what jj said. But i don't think that's how it's felt an or they ask flash Flashlights of the porn industry said no. They smell thin. They still a thin layer.

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