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Indiana's business news leader weekdays at 6 32 am at 5 56 PM A wi BC Now Here's a little story. I got to tell about three bad brothers, you know so well. It started way back in history with that, right hand me my at a little mix. McConnell just driving people out of their minds. I have never seen anybody be so good at driving people so completely and totally crazy with just the most minimal amount of words. Okay? And they love you. Cocaine. Mitch. Welcome everybody. Tony Katz 93. W I B C. It's good to be with you. Mitch McConnell. He goes on a, uh, a morning show and he's like, you know what if fuck We win the midterms and Joe Biden and nominate someone to the Supreme Court. I, uh I don't think I can. I don't think we're going to, you know, past that nominee And people go out of their minds. Mitch is excellent at this. Do you know how many ifs are in this conversation and he can get them to respond and react. They're reacting with such insanity. They are now making again. The second push. To get Stephen Breyer to resign. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Briar. They want him to resign. They want him to step away. Why, my gosh, Mitch won't have anything through. We know we're going to lose the midterms. So we need to replace people now, So we've got our people on the court for the next 30 years. MSNBC has given up the ghost and they are fully supporting court packing. Court Packing is the idea that there is no rule as to how many Supreme Court justices there are. There's only the description of the Supreme Court There is no conversation of how many justices So you could have as many as you like they would like to have 15. We have nine. They want to add six right now. Six justices Pack the court. Don't worry about the Constitution. Just make them all progressives. This is what they want. I mean, the rule of law or anything else, remember, these are the people who want to do away with the filibuster. Oh, The filibuster. You have heard this now for for for months. Remember it was Joe Biden wouldn't even answer the question. Joe Biden had wouldn't answer the question when he was in the basement. Still got elected president. Ain't that something? By the way, the people who tell you now let's talk about the election having issues yet don't believe those people. The election had issues. The election have issues. To say otherwise is It's just garbage. Can accept the results of an election. But don't tell the American people the election didn't have issues. That's just That's just silly as can be. Well, the news story now is, of course, you have to get rid of the filibuster. The filibuster has to be gone. The filibuster is is is awful, and it's terrible and it's over and it's evil. Um No. No, none of that is true. Not a single part of that is true. But it doesn't matter when you've got people out there who are more interested in moving a narrative. Then they are in the facts. So there's this reporter named Terry Moran. He's like. Is there any questions? Any question that if, uh Republicans wanted to drop the filibuster when they were in charge that they would have dropped the filibuster. And the answer is, Trump asked them to drop the filibuster in 2017. Republicans said No signed a letter saying We were going to keep the filibuster and you had 27 Democrats signed onto the letter. Do you not note that there is a difference between these groups going on? There's a difference. When Republicans had all the power and could have gotten rid of the filibuster, they said yet Russia is a lot in the news. I just decided to go that way. Terry Moran. Is there any doubt that the GOP would end the filibuster for good in a heartbeat if it served their purposes? Let's make sure we understand what Terry Moran does senior national correspondent for ABC News He has 940,000 followers. Do you think that is the work? Of of an honest journalist of an impartial guy. But the answer to the question, as was explained by Ryan Bader Ski Sandusky and Charles C. W. Cooke. Trump asked Republicans to do exactly that, as McConnell and company do exactly that in 2017. And Republicans said No. By the way, I said 27 Democrats signed it. I lied. 31 Democrats signed the letter. The political left is so rapidly power hungry. You want to deny it corrected, Bother naming have been able to do that's that's my impression there. What those people sound like. The facts are the facts and I can't be denied. But what are of what value are facts. Of what value are facts. To people who don't care about them. This is a reporter who asked this question about the Republicans ending the filibuster. He didn't know how to do the research. He's a reporter. Uh, What does it matter? It won't affect him. It won't hurt his job, everyone to be like. Oh, you know you're right. Yeah, we know you're right here. He's not right. But if we know you're right, and that'll be it We'll just go about his day, never once having to answer for his failures. Closer.

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