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Celebrate your furniture your way only inhabit, ese. New Jersey one a 1.5 instant weather Generally looks like our weather warms up a little through Wednesday. It's gonna get windy, especially in the Northeast part of the state that we're cooler again. A little bit by the end of the week when advisory northeast corner of the state to PM Wednesday till two PM Thursday, mainly clear tonight alot dropping back to the mid fifties. A windy Wednesday on the way with Gus, maybe up to 40 Miles an hour in a few spots, especially North East. A couple of showers. North eyes up in the mid seventies. A sunny, breezy cooler Thursday. With afternoon highs up in the mid sixties. Meteorologist Mark Thibodeau Okay, we've got 54 degrees in Somerville 58. Degrees in Winslow 58 degrees Old Bridge fast traffic instant, whether every 15 minutes on New Jersey one on 1.5. Jersey. One on 1.5 wants you to get away for free to the hard rock hotel and casino in Atlantic City. Want hard rock was into this. Isn't weekdays. 10 15 1 15 4 of our secret code word Entered online on are apt when you're free Hard rock getaway, There's three winners every weekday. All details on N j Wanna 15 dot com thanks to our sponsor, the Hard rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Destination for good, clean fun. Eddie Van Hammond. Passes away at the age of 65, Jim Florentine. Ah, host of that metal shown VH one when it was around, it shows on Eddy van Helen. He joins us now, Jimmy, can you believe this? How you feeling? It's a real shock. I mean, I know He was sick, and he had the com cancer probably 15 20 years ago, And then he was okay. And then there was rumors that he was sick again. But There's a rough one man. This is like my childhood idol. Yeah, that's the way I felt. You know, It's like you're not losing a piece of our past. With Eddie leaving It's almost like you feel like he was the same age as.

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