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Tall spurred up when I graduated high school. I was like six foot even. Oh really yeah I weighed like one hundred. Didn't fifty patents no way and I grew like another six inches in college. Yeah amazed so when I came home all the coaches were like where take where was this Bailey. Yeah where were you when men The BROWNIAN Columbia Falls School district have issued statements in following an incident. That happened at a basketball game this past week now. You're you were a person who's who speaks for a living all the time but you are careful not to say the wrong thing. The letter states that at the Ganley bring that up because of what happened. You stay at the game. Columbia falls on Thursday. The announcer introduced the lady Indians as the Lazy Indian can't do it. The letter from Columbia Falls High school principal. That's a slight on the entire native Americans right principal Jennifer Wagner and activities seventies director. Everett Armstrong calls the comment inexcusable. Well the person could a screwed up. It's okay is it a Freudian slip. It was a Freudian slip. The letter further others say that the announce okay listen with the leather further stadia. Lazy Indians is like saying dirty juice. It you really can't say that but I but I will. If your team was the thirty Jews they gotta man dirty dirty. I thirty thirty. I was trying not to say it so I said so. Listen this so. So you're you're you're against the announcer for saying lazy and it's right. We're all sitting here saying we're against then you're going to turn your IRA towards the the people. The letter further states that the announcer did apologize to Browning's head coach following the game and claim the comment had been an unintentional blundered. The announcer was subsequently fired lost. The job lost the job because he says lazy instead of Lady. That's right I mean what's crazy about. That is they needed to take more more time. I think and investigate exactly what happened. So their decision to fire him was Kinda lazy absolutely right. Brian School school officials to lady of them in his very lady in a letter following the sense that it was an imperative to treat each other with civility respect. which by the way? The guy went over and apologised right right person went over so what. You can't even make a mistake in court and then if Josh and like according to a statement released by a former Columbia falls school principal apparent of Columbia falls basketball player was spotted holding a sign with the letters f. t. i. written on it on a game in. I don't know what that means. Some interpreted as a racist remarks towards native Americans reckons. That is terrible but I do think they should. I think if the person issues an apology to school I think the person goes and speaks to the student body at. That's cool said. Hey I just made a mistake and this is a lesson in life. Sometimes you make mistakes and the right thing to do is to apologize. You bring that person back right owning it. I wonder how it would be for him though if he did come back like maybe I don't know might be hard to recover from something like that but but that's not that bad it's like I would i. I see why it's offensive but it's not like James Earl Jones Yep was receiving an award at some. Some I'm lifetime achievement. Kind of thing. I'm not sure exactly what it was and the guy announcing I can't remember who it was said James Earl Ray Ray who he was a serial killer right you know and I mean the place just went. This is years ago. I'm sure it's on youtube something but we're GONNA be avow one to keep his job should be able to. It was a chaser his job. That's a really bad thing. Oh Man I who greatest people of all time is never going to get a lifetime. uh-huh he's GonNa get Life Bay. I get a lifetime achievement. Award all right James. Earl Jones handled it amazingly well of course not surprisingly. He's rolled with it very. He's Darth vader her father. Then daily again the Real Ben Bailey DOT com. Check out and see where you're coming to play because you're a fantastic mystic watch Follow you on on everything Real Ben Bailey on every great okay guys all totally appreciate it. It's a really really Ganj come. CBS Live this weekend We are right now tonight in San Diego. Where at the American Comedy Company to show tonight tomorrow? These shows are going to sell out. We're getting sort of indication from them that they're already selling really well. So if you want tickets death now we're about to do. We did a bunch of press this morning so San Diego is going to come out and see these shows. Amy Miller is with us so these shows are going to be fantastic. She's she's really great and then just check. ALL FROM SUPERSTARS DOT COM WE. I just put in. All the dates may live dumb people towns in them were coming in Burlington Vermont and the Vermont Comedy Club. We're we're going to be in Rochester New York and causing a bunch stuff too so checks out super squats dot com real Ben Bailey dot com. This is Wichita Lineman by Terry Joe White. My Buddy Chris. Suci gave me that Christian Colucci gave that album and We'll be back with Little voicemail from High Dick Vitale Dick Vitale. WHO's trying to stay young is trying estate? Current is maybe taking drugs for the students. He's hanging out with high vital right after this. Ah Bruce.

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