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And you know, like if I need to fake that. I'm, you know, I'm okay with how they burn me, then I'll do that. But like I'm not going to trust these people again, but I will go at the number. So like, she she perfectly. She's emotionally driven now because she's like, well you guys just blindsided knee. And you're trying to tell me, you know. No, it doesn't mean anything. She's smart enough to know that that bull. But she's also not acting. She's not pulling Rick Devon's and just being like, I refuse to work with you. She's aknowledging that if that's where the numbers are right now. And that's what's going to keep her safe for national play along. So I really liked. I really liked her this week even through the whole thing during the immunity challenge. I don't think that that was a terrible luck with her trying to negotiate with Victoria during the the immunity challenge. I really liked Aurora. She's been a huge surprise for me. I think she's also kind of biting in confessional. And I think that that's hard to put into the episode when that person is not sort of in the underdog position. And I guess kind of was as sort of like in minority, but she was with Joe and Aubrey. So I think that the show probably wanted to give us the Joe Aubrey perspective on. Things. But now a sort of like being left out of the Jovo. Then we saw a lot of her. And I think she has like a lot of fiery things to say so happy to have Aurora. Join us as part of the cast of the edge of extinction this week. Yeah. And the one thing I noticed from the the immunity challenge was like when I when I reworked the episode. So like, Julie obviously got upset that after Lauren fainted that Aurora started negotiating, but like right after Lauren fell Julie actually goes like Victoria's like what happened and Julie's just like Lauren Lauren fainted, just keep going..

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