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I give those memes an asic slow cooker. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Say it with me. Leave my toasters alone. Elaine, score. My meme, my red pill turned orange. All right, next one. Next one. Kiki boy. I give those memes the crumbs from my toasters crumb tray. My real toaster, not my Bitcoin toaster. Yeah, I mean, do you guys hear if you put toaster crumbs in an asic? It makes it more efficient. Thomas, I didn't say that as a joke. Mom, mom, burkett says I give it a nice cool energy drink. I love that. I love that. I'm sorry for mispronouncing your name. You guys know the deal. It's Nico. Opti singular and thirsty AB score. Absolutely savage memes, especially the ones about cold storing. That opti didn't include. Okay, we let one in there. We let it slide. I didn't read that one. Oh my God. Come on, opti. Okay, Bitcoin Becca, I gave these memes one abandoned gas well turned into a Bitcoin mining rig. Very, very nice. Very, very nice. Next one. I think this is the last one. Old school millennial, a DQ Reese blizzard, and a large fry for lunch. Very, very nice. I love the scores. But I forgot the epic music. Oh, shame on me. Check out simply Bitcoin telegram groups absolutely free shout out to Darth coin for holding it down. T me slash simply Bitcoin TV, and of course the news version of this show simply Bitcoin unfiltered and shout out to her awesome group of writers so many of you guys, too many to name, but check out simply Bitcoin dot news. And if you want to support simply Bitcoin, feel free to subscribe. I think it's like 6 or $7 a day. Everything we do is free, but if you want to go above and beyond, we really do appreciate it. And of course, if you want to listen to the audio version of this show, you can check us out on anchor, Spotify, Apple, fountain, and opti will remember to read the fountain comments tomorrow. It's been the third day. I'll just go longer on Friday. We'll do a longer we'll dedicate a portion of the meme review on Friday to just read my bad. We do appreciate you guys on fountain all the love. I think we're consistently in the top 20 top 30 of the fountain charts, and that is all thanks to you guys. We really appreciate the love and opti will get to your comments. This Friday. Anyways, thank you guys for joining us another episode of simply Bitcoin live. Thank you so much to our guests for joining us today. Why don't you tell everybody what you're working on nowadays and where people could find you online. Yeah, also working on a Bitcoin node, sticking some wow. And of course, there's so much misinformation out there. So we also want to improve the education on Bitcoin. So we'll be trying to create more content. With that, our faces are put on YouTube for people out there as well. Yeah, and that's basically what we're trying to do right now, just keeping this simple and pushing the world out there, trying to educate people, go out to communities, talk to people as much as we can to educate them on what is money. And I think that's the biggest grinder right there. What's people understand money is easy for them to understand why we keep going. 100%. So if people were to search for you and where could they find what's on YouTube, usually you don't see that, just look for stack. You will see our face.

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