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Thousands of times a day telling you that you need this in order to be. Prettier? We'll talk about Kinnear social pollution. I mean, good Lord like advertising is like the toxic air over LA. I mean, she's just it's relentless and these people spend their lives their professional lives. Just trying to sell people crap L. We we have friends that didn't check do. Exactly that. Just so people crap utter crap. They know it's crap. We we have a mutual friend. He'll remain unnamed that now is on the Burger King advertising account. He works for a major multinational agency based in New York. The name the name agency nor his name, but he is spending his days in nights selling. I literally crap that I can't I can't even imagine eating Burger King. I don't wanna look I don't wanna wanna crap on the brand. I wanna cramp on anybody who eats there. Because there's also the social economical thing to it's you know, it's cheap food in shouldn't be cheap food. But it's the meat subsidize. We can go on and on. It's not really food. But I take your point. Yes. But when I'm I I don't wanna come off as this like privilege. Why idiot which I always come off? But what I'm saying is he spending his days and nights convincing people to eat in your words met. What is not food and that's the power of advertising? It's like the other thing too is like Budweiser. What am I realized I don't need advertising? This is what I don't like what is Burger King still need advertising. Budweiser still need advertising because they got to convince people that this is food. I know. But it's like everybody knows about Burger King McDonalds. Yeah. But it's there's there's younger people, you gotta you gotta you gotta get people into the into the loops. But it's it's like it's like, bud. What and I re- I fully realized that Burger King and Budweiser or will never sponsor this podcast. So we can equally.

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