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Let's get back into it. Did you guys see the video of the kid getting arrested. Yes who are pulling up <hes>. He's gonna a video game chat room. We get swatted know who's gonna swat. <hes> and i guess he made some sort of threat. Get pulled the video yeah. This is his mom like you're right right but look at the kids socks under arrest early for making a threat of mass shooting act of terrorism national machination made a statement threat written threat to carry out a little playing a video game all these rested. That's what could be. I in the local law enforcement spending because how do we know he's not going to be giving heartburn the next kid that sort of thing. We don't know that so. We're all here. That's the most ridiculous rationale <music> now. I've been there for her dead going to shoot everybody up. Mccoy is a joke. I didn't mean to lessen your call but you you you say stuff like that all the time. It is a joke to them. It's a game time doing the rest of the kids statements closer for second. That's your video is. Oh yeah oh you get knocked out. Oh but come shoot up everybody at your school. I'm going to get a good a murderer. Everyone weird thing to say in joking but he's a fuck and kissed off look. I don't fucking doc in know what the kids plan was but the odds that someone who just says something like that or actually offer apparently somebody wrote was i'm going to take my dad's era fifty and shoot shoot up my school or something like that and he wrote it like in the game chatter whatever he stole it from owen so when you write that down yeah press send that becomes a terroristic threat your eighty s and i'm torn because his father like i'm horny if no but as a data mike i feel like she's so like her kids being putting like faulk. Do i couldn't watch what my kid did. It would be difficult it would be. I know myself. I i just don't see myself not also being lost half your ah tell you especially when this ticket officer my friend oh zigging. They're a little bit more tax dollars. Pay your salary. Maybe you should appreciate that more when you're approaching me mother fucker today so they really brought him to jail. You think are just drove around the squad car. Taxes doesn't fuck out of here. Oh it's already shit his pants. Let them out. Let them out if that was it. I'd be okay with that if they were like over teaching them a lesson. We're taking down. Malaysia also ran around the corner and make them live up to the cock smooching. We're arresting you for threats of terrorism. That just sounds like it's like holy shit. This kid's going to be looking. That's that's. That's what the statute is. That's what it's on the books as is like making terroristic threats because you're out doing it over state lines a fucking federal fucking felony. The thing is that it's not up. You can't make any kind of appeal to the police officers. That's the law the law it's i. I'm really torn because i i i agree. I agree..

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