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Slash in bg twelve. Eleven and wwe. Can you can you not. Can you just stop okay. We're not going to stop as we've heard earlier. So yeah as we heard like. Wwe continues with a roster cuts and they continue to do it on a friday which is just rude because we do this show and every time we have to report on it which sucks every time. We have to report on it sick okay. Yeah they're good. They're done through done right. Yeah no no. They're not done and they're from what we're hearing. They're not going to be done for a while. Which is kind of disturbing. And there's all kinds of news coming out around talent And talent relations and corporate in kind of how. They're doing their people stop which we're going to kind of get into a little bit So yeah so. I'm just going to read the names. Because it's pretty much the entirety of the two of live roster minus one person. Three four three or four okay. Let's say there's only one man standing oh from five live yep but on. The list is not all too far. Yeah no no no but yet from two. Oh five lies specific. There is one man left standing in his name says allah allah. Hey thanks we'll thank you. Your w w releases which somebody's hurt. You never wanna see anybody lose their job right. You never want to but some of these you kind of scratch your head and wonder And others you kind of understand so first things first ever rise which i don't quite understand because they just put them on. Tv they were just starting to push them her big hit on social they were big hit on social and they let them go Tony's our anniversary fandango tyler breeze which tyler brings us on up up down. He was involved in all of that so it was really surprising that he was let go So it will be interesting. What happens moving forward there yet. Toddlers interesting name 'cause they're trying to work it out so he can still do the content. Say like i wonder if they will sign him to like a digital contract where he can still do up down and he can still do left right left right or left right. Raise the first time which is a subsidiary of family affection. End up down. Now yes i kind of wonder if they're gonna move him onto like digital type contract where he just does like a content production for that and he's not wrestling anymore because he kind of said you released a statement saying that. He wasn't sure if he was going to wrestle again because he's done what he can do. I mean he's had people reach out to him. He still has his wrestling school which trains people to enough for two years. He's big on that he's going twitch channels back up and running they start back up next week But like they have guests on down. That aren't part of wwe's sorts. Can you figure out a way to have him as a guest every week They will leave all this merger built around him. Alive is phrases are built around the the the party stuff to do so. He'll be a big hit if they can't work like the episode. They aired yesterday for the party. Will he be back next week. I don't know and doing chugging then don't that was a shoot. They don't know they don't know so we'll have to see how that goes. We'll keep an eye on that one but moving on august gray. Kurt stallion the bollywood boys. Arturo ruez rena schrief killian dane and tino sabotage by which tino had been there for awhile. Hadn't he like he had been there for a hot minute. I remember has he was like he was big in the thai division for a long time that i think he got hurt and then he was kind of never seen ever again Which is unfortunate if he's who i'm thinking of hold on. I'm looking them up. Real quick googling. Live googling on the air yet. That's exactly what i'm thinking of. Yeah he was he was with. Oh shit who's he with. Who did he work with chat. Who'd he work with because he was in a tag team for a long time. He was in a long time for a little bit. No so tino riddick moss. He was with riddick moss. So tino got her recovered. Fired became the w spy supposedly for wwe got rehired and then referred. They claim that he was the the spy. Awa or something with them. He was also dating any rose. I think yeah. I think so at some point in time. I don't know there's other not. Yeah i have no idea but yeah. So it's it's an interesting list of people there's going to be. You're going to have to keep an eye on some of them. i'm sorry to see a lot of them go but it just goes show that they are taking a really hard look at their talents or taking a really hard. Look at a lot of things. Because vince mcmahon. Nick con bruce richard and john lauren itis or all at the p. c. This week i think today actually it was today and they had a meeting with everybody there. They evaluated talent there And there was a lot of speculation about what that was going on. I have my own theory because we saw more releases this week. In terms of staff. Sunday dutt left of his own accord. He was not fired and he went to a w like the same day so he gave two weeks notice so came out this week that he was leaving. They gave us two weeks notice two weeks ago and it just came out on the internet and they start with eight w yesterday yesterday so I have a theory that like. They're basically nick con in vince. Mcmahon and i think all the higher ups are looking at the business and there starting to look at the business beyond vince and where they can take the business and they're looking at how many people they have under contract. How many people. They have doing the same job. They're basically taking a look at the redundancies of wwe. How can we save money. Which is one thing. Which is the big thing. And how can we trim the fat as it were because you do have a lot of people that are occupying positions that they were kinda given. I don't want to say it was a pity position. But it's like hey you've been with the company for twenty years we're gonna give you sweet office job kind of thing and there's a lot of that going on and i think they're looking at that too but in terms of the talent and the big four going down there i think they're getting these reports from talent relations or i think they're getting reports from an xt. They're pulling people from annexed see and what they're pulling is not what they're getting reported on or it's not succeeding or maybe even. Vince doesn't really even know what he has down there. Will you don't because stories. Some people have been mayor. Awesome government vans and also with three hundred talent fences not going to know three hundred talent on his roster harder appointment because he's not the one hiring them he only sees them when they're brought to him directly so that that demonstrates lack of awareness so i think vince went down there to see what he had. Because here's the thing kovic heaven right right everything shut. Wwe as we knew it shut down. They produce studio shows for what fifteen months now sixteen. Yes it's going to be six months sixty months when they're done they they realize okay. We shut down completely. He kept everything status quo as best as we. Could we try to make wrestling as we know it. What we do they brought in the screens may look like we have fans but we all knew whether they were there. Now appoint going okay. So we've gone through all this trouble all this turmoil with cova everything and our brand has sort of stagnated so yeah. I would say that and i think the other thing too. The code revealed was it was a very similar situation in two thousand three where all your top stars opted to stay away or stay home. And that was certainly their choice. There's no fault there but it left a huge the product where you had nobody ready to source step up and take over and win the lost john sima yes he's coming back but they in their in voss john sema their biggest marketing tool that they had for fifteen years right before covenant they realize we have to enter a new era where we're going back out on the road where reinventing the company we got to see what we got. We have look at all of our talent up and down the board. Can this town mcnew money. Yes or no. Can we use this down effective way. Yes or no. So they're doing this whole process guys like fandango tabbies. They're they're great right. We love him fandango real. He's been the company for fourteen years since two thousand and six. I was gonna say he'd been there forever. Tyler was there for a deck at some point. Like marina sharieff. She's rodrick song wife. She trained she came in with a with..

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