Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, Ron Desantis discussed on Stephanie Miller


Lost what you're seeing I think is folks, especially in my party or looking at Donald Trump as damaged and as something that might weigh down the party going into the midterms and into 2024, which is why I think you're starting to hear rumblings now about Mike Pence running in 2024 against Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Nicky Haley. Those were discussions that I don't think he would have had 6 or 8 weeks ago before these commission hearings started. Okay thank you for your thoughts, make Mulvaney and also you might want to shut the up Forever. Okay. Oh, bitch, please. Take your line of bull down to the corner market and sell it there because this 5 and dime isn't buying your line today. And no Sean does not know what that problem we're sorry. Do not know what to do. And someone had said that it was from Chris Colfer from ab fab the movie. I watched the movie when I was on vacation, not him. As part of Chris stupid vacation choices, he did that for you. Exactly. I did. America. It's not Chris Colfer from ab fab the movie. We still don't know. But in honor of Mick Mulvaney, please buy a now a warning T-shirt from the Stephanie Miller show, and also I'm not going to buy your stupid book T-shirt. Okay. Is he selling a book? Probably. Yeah, probably. It's not the difference in what happened in England. They're right wing as a conscience and through this, you know. Crazy blond haired pull out, right? Here, this whole entire party is a disgrace. But yeah, I mean a lot of people commenting on that that it was their Conservative Party that said enough. And apparently ours, there is no enough with Donald Trump. Guess what? Glenn kirschner is going to be right there in studio in all of our three, right? Do we have questions? Jody, do we have questions? Today. And of course, Friday's with for Angela and if you look like pharyngeal and hour two, I know. I was weird, right It's been a weird week. And John and I were one. I know and Jody here all week for Travis. So weird. I was just thinking you are a delight

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