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The tire game to kick is up at it is. Good. Good. Drifted wide rights. No flag on the play. Justin. Tucker has never missed an extra point in his career. And the house is utterly shocked ever as in ever that was the first time he'd ever missed a point after attempt in two hundred twenty three tries, and he was the only kicker who had not yet missed a PAT since they moved the spot back in two thousand fifteen take that for data. Why don't we just pile along with some more nerd alert? Shelly he had never missed a kick from thirty three yards or shorter. So you throw in the number of field goals, plus the number of point after attempts. He was automatic from that distance and his eyeballs bugging out of his head. It's kind of perfect for Halloween. But he couldn't believe it either. Now, of course, Justin Tucker has won a bazillion games for the ravens at times. He's been the only reliable part of their offense. So no one's talking about cutting him John Harbaugh after the game is talking about how he's gonna win a game for us next week. But for Tucker, this was hard. I feel I feel like I cost us the game. Every single one of my team as far has told me the opposite. And no one play wins or loses a game nothing will change for me. I'll tell you that. And I'll look at the game. Like, I always do look at the video from it. And do everything I can to compartmentalize what happened this evening and move on from it. In a positive way. So for Justin Tucker. It's so improbable. The most accurate field goal kicker in terms of percentage in NFL history. But you know, kickers are people too. It doesn't make him feel any better that other guys missed as well and actually in the NFC east. There was a big time kick missed much farther out for the Dallas Cowboys what was supposed to be a forty seven yarder. Then turned into a fifty two yarder. By the way. Chris did me a solid and looked up the specific instances in the NFL in which there is a ten second runoff with a penalty. And so there was no loss of down. So that's one situation. But here's when the ten second runoff is applied false start intentional. Grounding. That's comes with the walls of down the illegal forward. Pass beyond the line of scrimmage a backwards pass out of bounds. Spiking the ball after a down. The Cowboys didn't do any of those what they had was. It was actually an interesting term snap infraction. And the officials said it led to. It it led to the Redskins then jumping off sides. Even though the long snapper said, and there was video to Pruitt that's the same motion. He does every single time. Regardless. There was no margin for error because the Cowboys went with a run play. Jason Garrett went with a run play with precious seconds left on the clock. As opposed to taking a shot downfield or trying a pass play along the sidelines. Extremely conservative. He playing for the Thai, but how about giving your kicker a few extra yards? So lots of criticism about that. After the game. That's not why the Cowboys lost. Fifty two yarder is not a gimme. Anyway, nor is a forty seven yarder though. It certainly looked like it would have been inside the upright as it was. It was a clang. On a an upright that was miked up that you could hear all over the NFL credit the Redskins. They were able to get a touchdown off a deck fumble. If I'm not mistaken Preston Smith called it the easiest touchdown that he's ever had. So get stripped and sacked in like right there at the end zone at the goal line and Preston Smith has to do as fall on it. And that happened midway through the fourth quarter. So a lot of issues. But the Redskins able to win that slugfest in the NFC east. Oh, yes. And now have first place in the division all to their lonesome. So what's the good the bad the.

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