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Even his clips of the year before and the SH on Sweden where he was defensive in the year. He was killing guys. People say he's dirty over there, just lighting everyone up. 6 four two O 7 is his size wedding. There's no way he's two O 7, but yeah, so he's tall, at least. I think he's heavier. I'll have here. That could be his draft number, you know? Well, you boys teams had quite the battle Saturday date and the latest battle of Alberta, Calgary blew out Edmonton 9 to 5. Unreal game, and this is highly entertaining game. We had it all, all kinds of scoring, all kinds of Johnny goudreau all over the place. 5 assists. Man, this guy is going to get absolutely paid this summer. 90 points for the second time in his career. I know everyone's picking on the Edmonton goaltending, but they did team D was just absolutely porous. I know the goalies weren't great, but they were hung out to dry quite a bit in this game. The flames now lead the oilers by 11 points in the division. Even the Edmonton social media had enough. They tweeted out the game and they just said, Google it. Literally just did Google it because they're so fucking done with like getting beat up by Calgary. Leon had a hat trick in the ended up a minus four. That's the first time that's happened since 1983. A little weird statistical anomaly. But I don't know, man, you might have to get that passion of the Christ cross ready to go to the hearing shop. There was a span in December and January, I think the oilers lost 13 of 15 games. If not more, that was the lowest moment of the season for me. I planned my entire Saturday around the game because it's a late start. So I wanted to get all this stuff done. I knew I was going to be up late watching it. And while having a blast watching, at least through halfway of the game, when it was 6 to 5 Calgary with like 13 minutes left in the second period, I was so embarrassed and disgusted by the end of it. The oilers, the oilers, team defense, while being amazingly improved, 5 on 5 under woodcroft is still so bad that I actually tweeted pull cost and then I think I might no, I didn't tweet pull Smith put costing him back in. It didn't even matter. Costco didn't was on the bench after he got pulled. He looked like he just took a cross country road trip with Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson in the car. He was like, what just happened? Dude, they had the oilers got outscored 9 to two. 5 one 5. Yeah. I mean, it's like, every time they play Calgary, I'm like, oh, they got it. If they get this one, the way they've been playing, they're playing great. Now they have, they have Arizona. Well, last night, as you're listening, tonight, as we record, they better come up and show the look like the penguins did against the wings because that game was so pathetic and just shows how they are not even on the same planet as the Calgary flames. As an overall team, yeah, power play wise, they're probably better than them. Other than that, it's like, what is going on? It's just there's no, there's no respect to the game of defense from the entire team. Like nurses had a couple tough games. Duncan Keith, you know, he's looking a little bit older. CC gets shit on by the fans. He didn't play great. Nobody played great shit on wherever he goes. He's like a jacket. Dude, those goals. There wasn't even anyone like near the goal scorers. The guerrilla says the assistant tight turn and then fed shillington. That was such a sick play. Control, I mentioned, I wish there was 5 MVP candidates this year. Shifting in no particular order, gaudreau, macar, yossi, Matthews. Either one of those Edmonton Oilers guys aren't on my ballot for MVP. And they are these incredible world class talents, they could probably play better team defense, but the whole team as a whole. That's honorable. Your team is a group, just has no time and no effort to try to play defense in their own zone. It's wild to watch, and that game was a low moment because if they were to somehow play Calgary, they would get fucking trounced in the play. That's an honorable moment for you. I'm going to applaud that for you saying that you don't have either of your Euler's. All right, want to fucking help out here? The only chance I have, the only chance I have is that LA stays in the second or third spot in the Pacific. The oilers get the other spot specific, they can beat LA and then maybe Calgary gets like Dallas or Vegas. It's a tough or it's just a grind of a series to where it wears them down a little bit. Now, so they weren't winning that game the minute Milan lucic walked in with that. I think he just whacked somebody from the Donnie brasco said no, he sold a used car and then he came over to the rink. He saw, he sold his truck with his razor Ramon. That's all right. When you see a guy walking like that, like with that jacket on with that swag. Did he run somebody over for that bad motherfucker? So wet, you kind of touched on it. Calgary's ability to score 5 on 5 is it's just amazing. They play great team defense. We mentioned their goaltending. I actually feel like an idiot here because I didn't even mention mitchy marner when we were talking about the lease, but most points in the last 30 team games. Mitch marner leads away with 53, but right underneath that, Johnny goudreau and Matthew kachak tied at 47. That top line overall full body of work might be the best line in the NHL all season long. I think that's a very fair statement. They've been able to stay healthy. You mentioned Johnny gaudreau get in the bag. Matthew chuck is also going to get the bag. It's a shame that they're not going to be able to probably keep both these guys. When's his deal up? One more year? No, he's up, dude. He signed a three year chucks up? Yeah, he's up he signed it. He signed a three year deal where it went 5 million 7 1 million 9 million. So in the last year, which is this year where he's making 9, his qualifying offer, he's basically at 9 and a half already. If he's going to stop. The control is going to be a flyer. So it's going to be difficult to keep both those guys. But the reason that, you know, maybe three, four weeks ago, I was hesitant to throw Johnny gaudreau in the mix was all these other guys were having these insane seasons. Well, 90 points you mentioned, 70 of which at even strength. That's first in the National Hockey League for Johnny gaudreau. And 90% of his points are primary. So either the goal or primary assists assists in that ranks 12 in the National Hockey League. So he's driving the bus on the top line the league. They're able to punish teams 5 on 5, which we all know is the hardest way to score now, especially with the way an all teams play team defense. So just overall, man, Johnny gaudreau needs serious consideration for MVP and that has happened probably more so in the last, as I mentioned, three to four weeks, especially in the last 30 games, being second only to mitchy marner with 47 points in that period of time. So have you ever heard of like a more quiet 6 in the league and scoring than construct this year? No. I didn't even know it was going that well. Now granted, I should have with that line, but what a season. What a team. What am I going to say right now? I just have to hope that they lose first round. And that we get in and we lose first round. I don't see how we're going to win. Guys, if I could just jump in real quick, I tweeted out that red wings question and there's an overwhelming favorite in its Igor Larry onoff who was the Russian coach this past season. And then right after that, it's Nick lindstrom and then Joel glenville. Guys, Nicholas Trump doesn't want to hang out behind the bench. There's not a chicken Dick's chance after playing the career that he had. No. But Igor lariana that's interesting because it's like coupe like you guys said it's like kind of off the map there. And that's how he wants him playing. You know I've been respected. And he obviously has an affinity for Russians as well. Former teammate. That's an intriguing name..

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