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Coast one on three point five because they thought it was being spirited. And I just looked it up as well. You know, we don't we're not we don't shy away from being mean-spirited. Right. Once in a while you just call me a rookie. So clearly we're good with it in in. But but aren't rookies yesterday falls? If you see a bunch of people in in baseball, you right? You look at the dugout. You look at the bench. And you look at the veterans you look at the bandage or you're looking at the coaches who's the youngest person on the bench whose youngest looking person on the bench, the rookie. Boom. Hey, go compliment take it though is that how you meant it. I said you are very young looking producer. She's laughing because she knows his true. No that year full of it. No. You got that taken sides with St. or whatever lift. Lift he missed. Yeah. Whis teak or lifting lift tease take. Oh, that's why you got that hair. Yeah. You got the shiny jeans? Albay got Alvin Joe allegation. Right. What do you call it? L vacation Ovation's ovation station. Mystique it's lift teak and ovation. Right. So you look like you're like eighteen. That was my point. Oh, really? Okay. I don't care. It was my point. All right here. It is. Here's the behind the music politically incorrect was a late night political talk show, featuring Hollywood celebrities and politicians back in the eighties. It was hosted by Bill Maher and Randy Newman was booked on the very first season of politically incorrect with Bill Maher. Right. Bill Maher asked the producers, quote who the hell is Randy Newman, and they told him he was a funky songwriter who does a ton of work on series television. Bill Maher was getting a list guests at the time. It was the talk of the town. So he told his producers to cancel Randy Newman serandon Newman went home wrote a song and just two hours about his experience with Bill Maher. So. No. So. So. Uh? So. No. Zone zone. Oh boy. Camino. Is going. Show. Really? Yeah. I don't like that. He was hurt. Do any more of these? I don't like doing that..

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