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Payments. No. That's going to get people crazy Tony Cats and 93 W I. B C Good morning, Joe Manchin is going through one of the most powerful senators out there. Right Democrat. There's no exact like a Democrat. To the same extent. Mitt Romney. Lisa Murkowski, They're gonna have some power. Lisa Murkowski wants President Trump to resign. By the way, there is a mathematics. By which it may be smart for Trump to resign. I'll go over that. I'll do that the entire man, but first let's talk about Joe Manchin. He's talking about coronavirus payments. He's not in favor of further blanket direct payments. Right? This is the $2000 stimulus check which Democrats might jump on as of January. 20th 21st. He's like that. We shouldn't do it. He's right. You wanna talk about bolstering unemployment in really making sure the funds get to the people who need it? Yes. Now you could say to me, Tony, You're keeping me from getting a new name. The thing that you're putting in that, right, I hear you. But there's a country to run and we might want to do it properly. I mean, I know I know that so antiquated, right? I am such a throwback. Let me get into this impeachment thing real quick. The argument first that they want to impeach. I don't think works, and I think it's a mistake. This takes me to my list of 10 things. One of those things is that right now, although I disagree with him on so many things ugly things. One of the people making sense is Jim Clyburn. Jim Clyburn says we might wait after by the 1st 100 days to send impeachment articles to the Senate. They just want to impeach now impeaching him A second time won't stop him from running. What they want to do is get a conviction because no person who has a conviction can hold a position of on an office of Honor. I believe those are basically the words of the Constitution. There s so that would be disqualified and that's why they're trying to do Man, That's that's a lot of fear for a guy you told us. His career is over. Just just noticing the politics on that one. You really I mean it Z either fear or just such amazing revenge. Right? Tony. What he did was horrible. Deeds versus words As I've often discussed, even I don't get to the place that he caused an insurrection. But if we're going to now make the argument that words matter, and people's words can be taken towards extreme ends. Well, good. Let's do that. But promise we will apply it everywhere. Don't I don't want to. What about, isn't it If we want to make that application, you could discuss the president's words. It's fine by me. We can discuss all the words because it matters. But if you're going to pick and choose well, then I'm sorry. We just simply were not gonna get along on this one. That's just the way it is. But Clyburn might be. Only one is thinking. About delaying this. I think Democrats look awful if they push for impeachment. I think you're talking about if you think the 75 million voted for Trump aren't galvanized amongst what's happening regarding social media and free speech. Oh, this will do it. This will do it. That's it isn't what you should be what you want, And I don't think it's what Joe Biden want because Joe Biden has this opportunity. Even though I'm not a fan of his He could be that healer in chief that America desperately needs. He could cement his legacy in the first five hours. Forget the 1st 100 days. Cemented. Don't let the country do this. Oh, and by the way, The idea of resignations. You know their senators who want the president to resign. If he resigns. There's already president. For a pardon. By a president Mike Pence. Member John Ford did it for Richard Nixon in order to heal the nation. Let's just move forward. That is not me putting a political opinion to the idea That is me explaining out where these ideas are and what their value might be. It's for you to decide. Opposing payments $2000 payments. That's gonna Chaps and Democrats in the You know where We're gonna get back into the.

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