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Weather station. KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. And welcome back. Our final segment with Julie rigor her book is called the ghost photographer. Julie what's next for you? What do you do next with all this knowledge that you've got? Wow. That is such a great question. You know, what I'm hoping to do is when 'cause my book officially is available as of an hour and forty minutes ago hot off the presses off the presses. I hope what happens is. People start telling their stories. I hope that you know, because I I I didn't I didn't pull any punches. I didn't hold anything back in this. And I just hope that the forty five percent of us at least that believe in this. You know, feel feel free to start talking about it and are able to deal with the doubters and just tell them. It's okay. You don't have to believe. But I do this happened to me. Because there will be people who do believe. And when they do you can actually connect with people deeper, and I think that's important. I think so too. Let's take some more. Final calls. Cornelius is with us in Louisiana. Hello there stranger. Yeah. Mid Julie, Jordan, Tommy, Dan, had no, I'm the God, guns and go, man. Man, telling everybody, get ready. I'm a part of joy nora's army there, ma'am. How you doing Julie? I'm doing fantastic. How are you? Oh, the saints one. Drew Brees got his prizes and stuff. So I'm feeling wonderful, Tom no top passer, ever in the NFL way. Yes, sir. Look coming in. You always know me and stuff and have you ever studied booth and stuff like that? And if you'd next book, you ought to come to New Orleans, and it's another thing to come to mardi gras. He's been reminded. I've been trying to get Georgia. Come to any bring the whole crew George coast to coast, y'all. Enjoy Marlboro Tommy g great stories about it. New orleans. My favorite cities in the whole wide world to do my show on Beale street. I'd be interested avenue orlands. Go ahead. You take you up on that offer. I wanted to know to see what I do is. I I read the bible I read the psalm ninety one I read the large prayer those like you were saying look at the proverbs, today's proverb courses a knife. Because it's got thirty one proverbs for each day of the month. So that would be helpful to I wanna know to have you seen that new show on NBC, call manifest? Not yet. It's my reporter is the same. You wanna tell me about it? Yeah. She works. She works at walks. Cornelius. She won't watch an NBC show. Times. But anyway, manifest is about a plane that goes through the Bermuda. Triangle it disappears for five years. And then it comes back to New York City from Jamaica. And the passengers they were missing for five years and the passengers twenty I'm get I guess change. And it's just it's amazing. It seems like some of the same stuff that you're talking about. 'cause this lady found out of scientist said that they had a stroke and died, actually, so they should all be dead. But it's amazing. I hope you get a chance to watch benefits. You know, I will tell you another one of my theories, or what I believe is that, you know, I think we live in a a multidimensional universe. And I think that when people even talk about when they see spaceships. That either they've crossed into another dimension briefly or that ship came into our dimension. That is it possible for you to move from dimension dimension. I do believe is true. I don't know about moving for five years. And and you know, whatever happens in the show, but I think that there is a possibility of that. Julie you mentioned earlier the devil. Yes. I did have you had any direct encounters with what we call the devil. You know, I have not good. I have not I've helped people who have. But I have not. Why do you think you haven't you know? I don't think I'm up for grabs. That makes any sense. I think they can't get to your soul. They can't they can't get to me. It is because of fear. You know, I think fear is the source of a lot of our physical disease. I think fear is a source of our emotional issues. I think fears the reason for you know, when when we don't bring into your life. What what we wanna bring and I don't have fear. I just don't. And this whole experience is what has brought me to this place of fearlessness. And you know, my theories of is if I'm not afraid of the devil. I'm certainly not afraid of human. Let's go to Cecilia in Roseville. California west of the Rockies. Hello cecilia. Hi, hi. How you doing? Good. Good to have your with us. Okay. My story is I live in Charleston was a L shape and all the windows on the inside of the L shape. That was all windows on the inside of the L. All right. I used to go to bed at night and everything it'd get all quiet. And then I would see this man who wore a hat walk burn my bathroom window, and that would make him in my backyard that would terrify me, terribly terribly. So I call the cops and they'd come out there. And they couldn't find anybody. They couldn't find any footprints or anything. So they started thinking that. I was like fifty one fifty you know, starting shining this light in my eyes every time he come over. Because I was calling them often two or three times a week. Sometimes. One night. My husband happened to be home. Thank goodness. She always worked out of town. But he was home. And I would tell them about this man that would walk by the bedroom window and stuff. Well, the man come up, and it looked like it was inside the house, and he would stand in front of the just in the bedroom. Doorway and then my husband set up because he wasn't afraid is I I guess he shut up and then he goes, oh my God. There's no feet on this and then disappeared and we didn't see him again. That was it. You know, there are cases documented that people will see the hat man who are not in sleep paralysis. And that's what you experienced. Have you heard her shadow people? Julie. Yes, I have similar to the hat person. Very similar. I think they kinda run in the same John Reid. Yeah. So what I think there are in a different dimension in there oughta kilter with us or something that some of them think where they see us others don't and they just trying to get back. Maybe you know, I I still think that in a balanced world. You know and chaotic because you think about the world is a universe is very chaotic getting about all the stars. And that are in the planet's moving and moons. There's like chaos that's happening. But in a balanced and unbalanced, you have to have light, and you have to have dark, and that that goes with everything. And so I think that there are stark entities that are out there. How can they not if you took a picture, and there was a ghost or spirit in that photograph, and you gave that camera to someone and they took the exact same location picture would they capture this entity? I did that with Suzanne and the answer is. Yes, it is. Okay. Yes. It is. So when they're they're they're they're when they're there. They are there. Now, sometimes people don't have the eyes to see. Explain that explain that. I think if you don't have the is the see meaning that you don't wanna see you block it out you block it. Of course. Of course, you know, we have we humans have really we have all superpowers are superpowers is we can block out the things that we don't want. We can disbelieve in things. We don't want to believe, you know, we can really our mind is incredibly powerful. And I think if you don't have the is to see, you know, it's not there for you. Let's go to J D an Indianapolis for ya JD. Go ahead, sir. Thank you, Mr. ory. Hi, julie. So so you're going down the four zero five and you get a message from your spirit guide, but both your hands on the wheel. Don't answer your phone because there's an accident coming up ahead. What is your feelings or your thoughts? As to how the spirit guy could know the future. How how good a spirit guide know that. There was an accident happening in your future. I thought about that. And I've asked questions about that's a really fantastic question. And they just know. Well, I think what they see because you know, when you when there's like a a in in spirit, you have the ability to be in in more places than one you you have you have different views. Right. You know, when you're in a body like us a big dumb body. You know, we don't have that capability. And I think what happened is the situation started becoming that of which an accident was ready to happen. Right. Like, he didn't tell me this news. And our before he told me sixty seconds before. So I don't think that everything is written, you know, 'cause there's free will there's all those great things that we have the power over. But it's like everything lined up. And I think that's when he saw it was going to happen. And they're there to protect us. Yes. They are. That's the important, and you know, spirit guide is a term. I use other people like to use the, you know, the the word angel isn't us guardian angel. You could use whatever term you want guardian angel angel spirit guide, whatever it is that, you know, makes you comfortable, but I think there is power of saying that absolutely. Because the energy was moving in that direction. It was rate there, sixty seconds. So we gonna have FOX to a TV show about your book the ghost photography. Chowk? I'll give them a call. Let's go to Jerry in Arkansas east of the Rockies. Hey, jerry. Go ahead. Yes. Hey your. Hi, I'm a truck driver. And I'm out here. All the time. I love your show. But I have a specific question for Julie, sure. What kind of fascinated about the tech in the pictures of the ghost? When you do you have a special technique or taking the pitcher? Do you have a feeling when you take the pitcher? It can good. I take a picture of it goes or do I have to be in a certain situation certain time. No, I'm I will certainly get a feeling. So that's a really great question. Do you set a certain aperture on the camera shutter speed or anything like that? It is just my iphone, and and and the new phones. Okay. Yeah. It's my phone. I'm sure an Android phone would work as well. And you just take off the in in the new one now that takes like three pictures right in a row because that whatever that's called somebody must know what that's called. You have to turn that off. I'll tell you what. Look for and detail. This a lot in my books. I get into specificity for for people that are interested in it. For one is what for colors, look for purples and greens because you'll see some entities that are like they have purple and green looking looking glass, you know, if you take a picture, and like if you're in your truck, look, you know, if you're ever in gonna take it, you know, look at that specifically, I also have a lot of tips on 'cause you know, they're ghost, right? It's not like we're at an Oland mills portrait studios. They're still around as old mill studios are. But they're not seeing there waiting posing to say, yes. Yeah. Snap a picture. What I find to be the most interesting thing, and I can find a ghost in virtually any photograph now and not even that I take that anybody takes and I'm really dying for people. That's that was a pun for people to send me their photographs because I flipped them into negative. And when you flip the picture and negative. You can see things. That you don't see when you first take the picture. So there's like little apps called pig. Shop is the one I use and I'll put a photo in there, and I'll just hit negative, and it just flips it to the negative mode and you'll see a lot in there..

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