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Jackson now calling for a boycott in Kentucky over the Briana Taylor case tomorrow, attorneys for the Taylor Family planning News conference in Louisville to express their anger over yesterday's decision by a grand jury. That cleared officers of any wrongdoing on Taylor's shooting death during a raid by Louisville police last March. Demonstrations continue tonight in Louisville, where the mayor has extended the curfew through the weekend. National Guard is also on duty that that presence is in no way intended to stifle people's First Amendment rights to give voice to any anger, frustration. But it is there to both keep people safe and ensure things like our hospitals can continue to operate when last night they were absolutely needed. Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir says one of the two Louisville officers shot and wounded during protests last night has been released from the hospital. Now the other officer, who was wounded remains hospitalized. Latest covert numbers in Kentucky 745 new cases in the past day with 13 NEW DEATHS. Ohio reporting 991 new cases with 28 new deaths and Indiana as 920 new cases. 17 new deaths in the past day, huge relief tonight for the longtime owner of the New England Patriots. The charges against Robert Kraft dropped in Florida. Prosecution is not happy about it. And there is the possibility that the evidence could ultimately be leaked out. Robert Kraft was among dozens of men caught in a prostitution sting in South Florida. But after a state appeals court deems surveillance video from the orchids of Asia Day SpA inadmissible state attorney Dave Aronberg was left with no choice but to drop the misdemeanor charge of soliciting prostitution without these videos. We cannot move forward with our prosecutions. Ehrenberg, however, defended the case. The orchids in Asia Day SpA was a notorious brothel in a family shopping center Robert Kraft has now pushed to have the videotape destroyed. Aaron Carter Ski ABC NEWS New YORK On Wall Street. Today, the Dow was up 52 at the close NASDAQ also in the plus side at 39, the S and P 500. Up 10 points. It is 705 and our next news is coming up at 7 30. I'm Matt Reese News radio 700 wlw. Now, more.

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