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And that he made sure that she got her starting Alaska, politics, you think that might have been a bit of an issue for her for her VP run, you think or know if it turned out, Nikki Haley, for example, had gotten into politics by dating a man twice her age who then gave her political favors. You might think that'd be used as a club by the media. Yeah. I think so. And let's you think that this is a sexist thing. It is not you know, many times I have mocked Jew. John Kerry, John Carr, former two thousand four candidate and secretary of state. I mocked him one million times for having metadata. He married one rich woman, and then divorced her and married, another rich woman and then lived off for fortune. It's always seen and it should be seen as a bad thing in American politics to marry for political purposes, this was the rip on Hillary Clinton too. By the way, is that she lived off her husband's name and lived off his cO tales. So that she could then run for Senator and president and be secretary of state. Kumble Harris is not a feminist icon. If she was dating Willie Brown. So she could get appointed to a bunch of positions while he was married, by the way, I know that we we gloss over this in American life now and on both sides in both political parties, we have ignored the idea that adultery is bad. I know that Republicans now think well, you know, happens because President Trump, and I know the Democrats do have been doing this routine for literally decades that since the era of JFK, whatever. So they committed adultery. It's kind of bad when you are the other woman to a married man who was then providing you with giveaway jobs in the California state government, that's kind of bad now. Nobody's going to attack her on this because other Democrats do than she will claim sexism, President Trump might because President Trump has no limits. One of the beautiful things about the man is that he will say anything at anytime. But should that be an issue, of course, that should be an issue? It is obvious overt corruption and she should have to answer questions about that. And you shouldn't be able to shy away with. Oh, yeah. I felt deeply in love with Willie Brown when he was sixty and I was thirty. Yeah. That's that's the thing. That happens all the time. Lots of six year old men. You know, how many of them who are, you know, can a middle class Schwab's who aren't powerful men in politics are getting thirty year old up and coming lawsuit and girlfriends tons of them tons just it happens all the time immune while is not just calmly Harris who's jumping into the pool. It's also Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren is going to campaign is an open communist, I'm old enough to remember. When Elizabeth Warren was writing books, like the two income trap all about how the middle class in the United States was suffering, and how school vouchers, for example, could be a solution for some of these families. Well, now, she's decided to steal Bernie Sanders is audience by going overly calming and the New York Times prisoner for here's what she tweeted out over the weekend. Did Elizabeth worn this billionaire NFL owner just paid one hundred million dollars for a super yacht with its own. I max eater. I'm pretty sure he can pay my new Oltra millionaire tax to help the millions of yacht..

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