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Ways it's good for house in other ways kid has talked about maybe wanting to you know branch i would not be right there close to home either so i think that's something that he's still having to decide through a little bit is how truly how close does he want to be you mentioned with or without that the classes is moving on david o job oh outstanding defensive end it now outed and due to a class that have quite a bit of talent on the defensive line they had just added mobbing smith forum stephen hannah was in the highest ranked dining tire classes chris hidden so you look at that defensive line quite there's somehow michigan had zach harrison to that a kid who ran four four seven at the open final at two hundred and forty pounds and he was out there running races with the skill guy you're talking about it's a great defensive line class right back harrison devout and and it definitely becomes one of the best in the country we met david ajar he's the one he's the one kid that ran what ten nine one hundred meters something like that yeah yeah you run under an eleven and haven't played that much pop i think last year was the first year he played football but obviously that that is he's an outstanding athlete you know six foot four plus two hundred and thirty three pounds so backside of athletics and he actually was we bumped him up to a four star twenty four seven today and a lot of that is projection but you look at the number of interesting the number of defensive end you see pickup football these guys who are great athlete sometimes basketball players i think the kind of the poster boy of i'd never played football and his life takes it up and becomes the first round you see more guy like that position now as schools are looking for the long athletic guy on the find him and other sports and david definitely fits that mold so he's a kid only gonna get better tell me about quitting johnson who committed nelson is another guy who when you look at his testing numbers you just an outstanding athlete and you talk to people around the dc area you know when when one of the best playmakers in the area plays that a good school and of the guy who's moved up the rankings steadily as well five foot eleven hundred ninety pounds has the ability to run at that time but it will also come up and and be miserable has some experience as a wide receiver as well so got ball skills but kid who has been tied in the four force so when you look at the bottom you mentioned job and his speed and then you and then you see quinton johnson with the way he can run this michigan team all of a sudden is adding quite a few guys who can run to the class i ain't that's great and then you looking at the young man hill the safety that he just named michigan as his in his top five right now right yeah he did five star guy and you know he did put michigan this top five i think when you talk to people who are close to that recruitment i just actually talked to our director recruiting steve wolfe on right before the show and he says really he thinks it's down to a top two.

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