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Deals was maybe a year ago it's still going strong yes it's extremely popular and EPIC Games the company that publishes it says the more in two hundred and fifty million users who tune in at various times to play the thing that certainly has struck me is this is a multigeneration only does such a wide swath of the game plan audience I think it is a really entertaining game to play a lot of humorous elements in it it's this social online interactive activity for a lot of people you know I think what epic Games is doing here is pretty smart in terms of team culture and you know it became a popular there've been a couple of dances out of the game that have become memes themselves and you know it's a big category on Youtube other platforms for people sharing and talking about the game it's really built this huge fan culture and you know the hope is those feels like this is the latest star wars movie it's doing really good business and then Disney announces they're pulling the film from theaters in the middle of its run he has there been any indication of what epic Games is planning to do why they made the game go away what's what's been reported in what has been rumored there's amount what season eleven might be or what it will look like or when it will come back so people are sitting on the edge of their seat trying to guess on what's going on here so if people really can't get through the day without playing fortnight which is a statement on its own what are they doing now are they looking for other aims are they just waiting refreshing their screens is there any news about when it actually might return no for now people are sitting and waiting or the we've thrown up their hands and they said okay we're going to try a different game and anecdotally you see people expressing their frustration and saying they're going to they're going to onto a new game here so you know we'll see how long fortnight and epic games played this game with their fans and and before the talking to a couple of kids it's not my own children over the weekend and they said like four night isn't as good as it used to be so for players who have given up fortnight might this be a way to kind of bring them back into the fold absolutely and that's I think part of the intent here where they're literally rebooting the game and you know there's the promise of you know brand new experience brand new environment and you know they're trying to set some excitement here for what the next big version of the game looks like Todd Spangler is the New York digital editor at variety he joined us from the variety news room to get more industry news who's going to variety dot com. Todd thanks so much for coming on the show thank you.

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