Jane Show, West Virginia, President Trump discussed on 24 hour News


Health care to hiv patients and supported by health partners hmo fight ceo jane show believes this is a first we think this is pioneering we think this is going to be a model for the whole state maybe it will be a model for the whole contrary indeed health partners president bill george says it's already scouting for other locations to do this we've learned here we from ruptured elsewhere because homelessness is everywhere in the united states pat loeb kyw news radio teachers in west virginia have walked off their jobs over pay and health benefits and they're not happy with what they're getting so they are continuing their strike local leaders in consultation with uh with teachers all across the state extended it because no one in the government is talking to them american federation of teachers president randi weingarten philadelphia topcop has been honor as we hear from kyw news kim glovas the unity equals one gospel choir set the tone for the election then commissioner ross took the podium he pointed out the dedication of the city's police officers this we to do things to make this a better place with everybody and sometimes that means doing unconventional ross's the national spokesperson for pigs and blue big brothers big sisters program which bears officers with lidl's and elementary school speech police officers dead it involved the big blue what is not mentioned as they do this whole their alltime they go into these schools volunteered.

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