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News. I'm Shea Stevens. A wildfire. Bernie, north of Sacramento, is now the largest blaze in California History after consumer over 731 Square miles as NPR's Lawrence Summer reports a new study. Shows that Maura Americans are at fire risk than previously thought. The August complex fire has now taken the top spot at almost half a million acres burned for other fires. Still burning are also among California's top 10 largest. Hotter climate, along with overgrown landscapes is fueling that growth, fire, experts say. And more and more homes are being built in fire prone areas about 60 million homes are at risk, according to research from the University of Colorado Boulder. Many of those homes aren't built with fire resistant materials and the majority of fires that threaten them were caused by people. So a key step is stopping those fires from starting in the first place. Lauren Summer NPR news During a campaign stop Thursday in Michigan. President Trump had more dire warnings about the nation's future if he loses the election in November, Trump narrowly lost the state in 2016, and recent polls show him trailing Joe Biden. Michigan Radio. Steve Carmody has more with Air Force One is a backdrop literally surrounded by thousands of manly massless supporters. The president took aim directly at his Democratic opponent in November. If bite wins. China wins If Biden wins the mob wins if Biden wins the rioters, anarchist arsonists And flag burners when Trump talked about bringing back manufacturing jobs in Michigan, though the state's manufacturing sector has actually lost thousands of jobs.

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