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Three FM. From what the Wall Street Journal is saying we could have the FBI. Basically wrap up their investigation either later tonight, maybe tomorrow, I don't know if we'll ever see the investigation as a whole, I don't know if Mitch McConnell will release it there's rumors that he won't he might say that they may leak it. But we may know the FBI investigation this week and a vote may happen. But does all of this stuff come down to a he said, she said and a bar fight with a mad NBA player and the band UB forty. Yeah. It I don't know. But first of all, I don't need the Wall Street Journal that tell me that because we had it yesterday. We told you we had it former FBI guy on and he told to say listen this thing is going to be wrapped up mid week. You'll probably get it by Wednesday. So don't get the Wall Street Journal look at us. We'll we'll tell you what's going on before anybody. So what do breath cavenaugh a former Suns player, I use that term and the band UB forty having. Uncommon well apparently a bar fight. So let's let's go over who the players are in this scenario took place when Cavanaugh was in Yale. Okay. We know Brad Kavanagh. I liked beer, still light beer. He likes beer all his body. I guess at at Yale. Yeah. They went to Yale together was former NBA player Chris Dodd Layton played for the sons in the year two thousand he averaged about one point four points per game. I could beat that..

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