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Go to be the stage dot com. This one's called disenchanted sounds fun. By the way. Can you give the information about the Mike Rosen movie club wanna recruit more members in two thousand nineteen like I said before one of the perks that you get to see the movies with me before the open for free. And also, you get be part of the show get some those rewards the free movie passes, so lots and lots of fun things about the Mike Rosen movie club. Well, I would give some information. But this is a very exclusive club. It is true. So exclusive we don't want anybody. However, all you have to do is Email me, very simple. Mike Rosen KOA NewsRadio dot com. Just Email me. I will read all my emails, by the way, I will take your information down and and Christian will contact you. And put you on the roster, and you might even get to go to a show with him and me, they go, and and it goes from there. Yeah. It's fun. And we reward the members of the Mike Rosen movie club who helped us with the movie reviews with with passes to Alamo draft house film center. Yeah. To great play. Denver has for. Sure. All right. Tell us about Ben is back. Yeah. It's a new movie it's been out for weeks or ready, and is only made about three million. It's a small film and independent film. But I don't think it really kind of captured the guys like the people behind the scenes expected, and it's really didn't get any award season buzz. Shame. It's about a mom. Played by. Julia Roberts, and Ben is back. Her son is Ben he's back for the holidays, but he supposed to be in rehab. He's got a serious drug addiction, and he surprises her by coming back home. And now, it's the it's a very kind of a test of wills between the two people because she knows that he's better off in rehab getting better getting healthy. But at the same time, she loves her, son. She wants her son home for the holidays, and she's praying and praying that he can conquer his demons. But it won't be that simple. Obviously. It's a really powerful film. I spoke to the film's director and writer. His name is Peter hedges his son Lucas hedges is the star. He plays Ben. So kind of a family affair, and he talk. About how the son didn't wasn't really super eager to do this project for that reason just felt like maybe to, you know, having your dad or on the set, and it might be sort of people think they're giving him sort of favors or treating him with preferential treatment. But they came together they work together. I think it's a beautiful film. Lucas hedges is a just a wonderful young actor doing a lot of citizen Manchester by the sea he was in mid nineties. He's just got a great future ahead of him. And you can see that here. I will say the movie the second half isn't as compelling as the first it'd becomes more of a thriller as opposed to the really stark personally drama, you see the first half, but beautifully acted well observed, and it just really makes you think about addiction in the horrors of it. And how intractable it is even for people trying as hard as they can what kind of box office is just three million. It's it really hasn't caught fire in limited release. So I understand that the numbers and never gonna be huge. But this is a movie that comes out, they call it a platform released, but they've lease in a few theaters, and they kind of slowly. Expanded. But without great great reviews. I think it's got good knock reviews and without that sort of Oscar season intensity. It just doesn't have a chance to kinda catch on which is a shame. I it's not a romantic comedy action film, superheroes opportunity. So you know, it's one of those good films. It's relevant. Absolutely is uplifting or depressing. You know, there are certainly elements of both there. I don't wanna get chew into that. Because it might reveal a bit of the ending its stark for sure. And and I spoke to the director. He said how much research went into looking into what addiction is what the treatments are. Also, you know, this is a middle income couple at the heart of that. Julia Roberts and her new husband and they can afford, but just barely the treatment. A lot of people. Can't I think insurance coverage can be spotty at times. So it's a very complicated issue. And I think with opiate abuse across the country, it's very timely. It also came out a few weeks after beautiful boy, which was the Steve Carell movie with a series similar topic, which is actually on Amazon prime right now. So people can check that one out. But yeah, it's a tough sell for this movie. But I think that people who see it may come away with a different perspective on addiction. It's powerful regarding some of the great series on television Ray Donovan just finished at six season where linear Ray Donovan. She's your number. Bigger into the O. Lynn, our producer is in wiz at the TV show. She catches up and almost everything. And I think she follows more of them that that I do. Also, she's always saying you've got to watch this list of twenty or thirty minutes. So you know, if I ever if I ever commit some crime go to jail and placed in solitary confinement, which is possible twenty years. I'll have a chance to catch all of these. Anyway, the Shriver's fabulous in this. This is one of the darkest series ever, by the way and in season six the one that just concluded the it moved moved from from California from Hollywood to New York, and I'm not exaggerating. When I say that Ray Donovan lives drivers character gets beaten up in every single episode. He should find a new gig. Well, the enjoys what he does he loves his work. This one really is a start though, and they tied up an awful lot of strings in episode twelve in the last chapter of this season that they don't always do because this carries forward from one year to the next. So I guess there's going to be a season seven. I haven't heard anything one way or another. I haven't heard a confirmation. But I think it's still pretty successful. I think it's of Showtime signature series. I would be shocked if it goes away. But we'll see I mentioned earlier that the Orville is back for its second season. And you can binge this as well right now. There are a whole bunch of episodes available. Standing ollie. You're gonna review that next next Saturday, and I'm not going to be I'm going to be out of town. And I still haven't seen it. I wasn't able to go to the screening. And I can't find it anywhere. When's it going to be released in theaters in limited release yesterday? Okay. Artist or one of the one of the local art has a mainstream release. But boy is it good. And it's fun. And I'd say, I think I think when I was a boy that I was more of an Abbott and Costello fan than a laurel and hardy fan, but I loved them both. And I just think that the performances here are spectacular. And it's got a there's a sweetness to it. And I think just the way it a Vokes the era, and it's so fascinating. Because these two superstars have comedy or struggling when the movie opens kind of later in their career. But also today the stars have all the power. They've got all the money. They can call the shots. But back then it was the the Hal Roach's of the world who can pull the strings and even the superstars were kind of at their whim before the hulk HOGAN era in professional wrestling, which is a performance shirt. Right. Am I gonna burst anybody's bubble? Santa Claus or something? It was a show. But one of the remember when they used to tag team matches. Oh, yeah. Those are my favorite by the windows. Aci? I'll never forget this impression on me when I was thirteen fourteen years old in the fifties. I remember that laurel and hardy did a match. I don't remember this against Abbott and Costello in the ring. Are you serious? No, I made that. I go to YouTube. I am. I am. So what do you prefer of a? Laurel and hardy fan or Abacus elephant team. That's a false dilemma I have to choose can like them. She had been Martin and Jerry Lewis yet. Do the Ritz.

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