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It. Somebody in patio. No one's here. So my son is supposed to be here. No, look. Currently trapped by the mon- minded mental marathon walking to get an Uber. Not only moved. He just moved into this neighborhood and did not realise and he's at fifty some hundred over Meridian Kessler, and he cannot get so he's having to walk out of the path to the east. We don't have a bike done by. Well, if you're downtown the Jay dubb's, all that's where the president state overnight last night. Oh is that right? J w Marriott. So they shut down all the traffic around there. I mean, even the zoo animals had to stand back. The real close. You get it. I was trying to make it. I didn't get down. There you go. Working on two three nine ninety three ninety three is our number. We are here again at seventy I in keystone. It is our Christmas open house. So there's great coupons. If you come in the store, so this is kind of the day you want for your Christmas. Open house little chilly outside. Though. But the sun's out. That's right. We'll chilly here. The Christmas music is playing. I got this Christmas music thing down, do you know because it's early for Christmas music. Right. So you're shopping for Christmas. Piano, only instrumentals. Yes. Ever go to any. The far right words until after thanksgiving. There you go soft instrumentals put you in the mood. Okay. I could deal fat. And I've got here's the other thing too. Is this year we have a flocking machine? So we're gonna flock. We're going to flock fresh cut tree, you'd be really careful. We don't have a dump button here AJ you get your finger on that dump host. He's dealing with. Phonics? So what I could do. I could locking to set the mood. I could bring the machine in here and just blow walk up about ten twelve foot and just kind of let it elects not probably come down a little bit. So can you please explain to the to the millennials what a flocking machine? No idea. What you all right? Like, all right. So picture. No. When you're sitting on the when you're sitting on the jet waiting and you're getting de-iced, right? All right. And they're there got the D I seen. It's a it's a nozzle like that only take that little flocking make look like snow. That's right. And you okay. So you really didn't know what I saw him now. All art. Yeah. It's happening. Like a snow covered tree. I can take this thing and get bags of flocking. And you just walk a tree. Like, we have a we have a turntable with the motor on it. So it's been the tree around even as it's been than you. The tree spray painter. You can block anything. So help walk trees. But we're also it's for the Sullivan express train run. I want the train the Sullivan express because mother nature does not cooperate with my vision. Of course. So I want it to be. The North Pole you're bringing in mother flocking. This is so. This rain to have more of a winter, Neil, sir. So. Purchased one hundred and seventy five number two. We don't normally sell number two tree. A number two Frazier fir tree to flock them to create a winter wonderland for my train. Okay. That's part of my vision. And you can do that at Seligman hardware dot com and sign up for the trip to Senate. That's right. So hardware dot com. You get a whole train car to yourself for fifty bucks in as many family members. You can get in there. Yeah. Four dolts in the kids who kids. Yeah. So maybe a parents grandparents, but I mean, I've seen I've seen people put more people in. But it's fun. Shoveling the conductors are in costume. There's a stationmaster is really is fun. It's just fun. I'm sorry. You know, what I would tell you. And I appreciate you promoting my vent. But I know my conductors would be insulted. If you said they're in costume universe that uniform for they'll get over. They are in that is that is their job. They conduct and running trains, seven and a half minutes. Even when I compliment, you you still correct me know, but you know, why you know, why? Because you love me. No because we have four hours to fill. Okay. What else are we gonna do? Okay. All right, hold that thought about conductors because I have a story. Okay. Okay. Michelle joins us on the program. Hi, michelle. Hi. Have a question regarding. Aberdeen. Providing Arbor vital. And then Secondly. Shaded area eight about fifteen feet of the height of the degree. So. Did you say shaded area? I would like to an area. Oh, you're shading. Okay. Okay. Got it. I was frightened. You were planting them in a shady areas that wall. Yeah. You know, what are provided is probably the most commercial. I mean, it is probably the most used plant to create a screen. And I think it's just because. They're widely available. They're, you know, they're pretty inexpensive. So yeah. So that that would be a good one to use. You can use. If you want to step out a little bit. There's a the standard ones. Green giants is what you see everywhere. There's one called techno. That's kinda is not quite as uniformed and has a little more interesting brat branching habit that you might look at techno techno, and there's a strep Hallstrom is one that's kind of a different foliage color kinda a yellowish green polish. It's kind of interesting. So, but any those, and and you know, you can plant them. It's a great time to plan them right now, if you can find them you can plan that is one that you do want to spray for wind protection, the Wilfred, which you call it will proof will new ones on numerous definitely. Hey. Okay. Well, thank you guys much. I appreciate it. I enjoyed the show. Thank you, Michelle. Call to us talking about my segments. She doesn't like it. When you correct me. You shouldn't correct. People in public. I don't think anyone's list, anyway, technically, it's not it doesn't cannon public. All right. Two three nine ninety three ninety three s or number. So wait a minute. When we come back. I have a story about when we come back. We're going to do the weekend punch list. I haven't I haven't finished mine yet. So so when we come back, I want to talk about our conductors of the Sullivan expressed. Oh and the pressure cooker that they're in keeping the Sullivan express on schedule for eleven hours at a time trains, leaving every seven and a half minutes. And I'm going to tell you about one of these young men coming right back Ninety-three WIBC. Real news November the midterms. Concerns? This is not normal our democracy. You wanna keep it going in the crosshairs real? The real root of the problem real issues. He shoes that affect your life. I brought Joe Donnelly stands with America's save their healthcare. You have wheel concerns century is at a crossroads. The real news in real time. Ninety-three WIBC..

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