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9 10 freshmen Republican Georgia congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene losing her committee assignments tonight the House voting in favor to punish her for various incendiary in false calm. Since the B T O P. Capitol Hill correspondent Mitchell Miller talks about the two committees that Green was on education and labor and budget due to her extensive comments related to Q and on conspiracies before the vote, she told lawmakers she no longer believes conspiracies such as that mass school shootings didn't occur, or that 9 11 was fake. But House Democrats have passed this resolution over Republican opposition vice news political correspondent Elizabeth Landers joining our own Dimitri sodas and I did talk and take a deeper look at what this vote. Means for green. If you're a freshman Republican. If you're a freshman at all and you're removes from your committee's, it means you're losing power as a member of Congress. So tonight, Marjorie Taylor Greene, that congresswoman from Georgia was removed by a majority in the House, mostly Democrats. But there were 11 Republicans who did vote to remove her from those committees. So being removed from your committee's is not a great thing If you're a member of Congress You can vote up or down on on floor votes in the house, but it's harder to get things done. Tol get legislation introduced and to be heard in these committee. Meetings where legislation is introduced, and there are also hearings and those and other kinds of briefings that you received two. So this is this is a pretty big step and and a pretty big step back. I should say for Marjorie Taylor Green as a freshman member. What would it mean? Perhaps for the overall house and the workings of Washington? Will there now be more cooperation? I I know that sounds a little naive to ask it that way, Or will they just beam or venom? I have to say talking with Republicans in the Last few days and Democrats on the hill about this. I don't think this is going to create more unity. In fact, I spoke yesterday with Republican Louie Gohmert of Texas about the kind of precedent that this said So removing Marjorie Taylor Greene. From her committees from of using a full house floor vote is a pretty unusual step, and it's not something that usually the majority does. And he said. This Republican said to me that they the Republicans would be very eager to use this in the future against the minority against the Democrats. So this kind of Sets up a precedent where one party could remove another party's member for something that is disagreeable or in this case is conspiracy laden, I would say, but I don't think that this is going to tamp down the rhetoric on Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, and let's just quickly along those lines as far as president goes. Perhaps doing green of favoring away. There's some danger here that they're going to embolden Green and her supporters that green herself even recognizes that so is there some danger here that they're taking this action but the same time helping her that? Yeah, absolutely Think so. In the last few days, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been fundraising like crazy off of this. I'm on her fundraising emails. She's raised hundreds of thousands of dollars off of kind of victimizing. Ourselves and her position right now, and I do think that Democrats. I think we're trying to message around this, and we're trying to message around the idea that she is a Cuban on supporter that she's a conspiracy theorist. But I do think that if and when, because we know the tides will will shift at some point in time Republicans take back the House or the Senate that there is a chance that this kind of action could be used against their members. If they say something that the other side doesn't like That's vice news political.

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