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The Washington state patrol says it's busting its budget to protect governor Jay Inslee since late travels around the country often for political purposes. Komo's Corwin Hake. Explained a group of eight state troopers, call the executive protection unit or EP you serves as the governor's secret service detail whenever he travels lately his travel schedule has been so packed. The has overspent it's two point six million dollar budget by four hundred thousand dollars this according to a state patrol analysis quoted in the Seattle times required to provide security for the governor and his family, and that's what we do captain Monica Alexander with the state patrol tells Northwest's news network, the protection unit accompanies the governor even on trips that are openly political like an October appear. These people are the future this nation start right here. I want I want to give you a round of applause overtime pay accounts for much of the bustard budget. But the report lists a grab bag of odd expenses to for example, following the governor around has required the protection unit to rent bikes and cross country skis. Corwin hake. Komo news. Three state racists from the November general election appear to be headed for a recount, komo's Brian Calvert. Tells us nearly two weeks after the fact they are still too close to call Democrats have already widened their margins in both the state house and Senate and are hoping things turn around for their candidate in the twenty sixth district as well. That's where democrat Emily Randall and Republican Marty mcclendon, keep jockeying for the lead in Watkins county. Both the house and Senate seat in the forty second haven't been called yet. Because it's just too close. Matter of fact, it's so close their elections officials are scrutinizing handwriting as they try to match signatures of ballots that were red flagged in early tabulations so far four hundred thirty five votes have been voided. In part due to penmanship issues volunteers from both parties are now taking these ballots to the supposed voters trying to confirm them. No recount happens. Officially until the election is certified which must be done by the twenty seventh. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Coming up on the KOMO morning news more competition at seatac for passengers flying to and from Asia on Taylor van Cise.

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