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Movement toward unionizing at ibm and all of these people in these places where they were getting angry about changes at their employer would come together and try to compare notes to figure out what was happening to see if there was some kind of larger plan or strategy or unfair targeting of certain kinds of workers and up until two thousand fourteen ibm was providing the kind of information required by law that you just mentioned the which is a list of ages and positions within the company so before two thousand fourteen in those communities they had that information and could make decisions about things like pension plans where if they made a change to they made a change the way that retirement benefits had worked is this something that we as workers should push back on if there are huge group of employees being laid off at the same time would there be reason for us to come together and file some kind of class action lawsuit after two twenty fourteen when they stopped handing out those lists people at ibm got angry and a couple of years later they came to us and they said we used to have this information we could make decisions now we can't really interesting peter gaza wanna come back to you there were other sort of systematic approaches that you guys describe in your piece for weeding out older employees i'd like to talk with both of you about a couple of these ideas here's one of the ideas encouraging employees targeted for layoffs to apply for other ibm positions while quietly advising managers not to hire them.

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