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Free on. That's a curveball early. Fleetwood mac dreams is nine outkast's. Hey ya out the top ten. Hey as in there. Before elton john before i think there before the rolling stones. This is actually my favorite part of this list. What it is when you start looking at who which song. And then there's sort of book ended by what other artists are like. Outkast is just one tick better than the beach boys. God only knows okay. That's very interesting. Which is one tick better at number twelve stevie wonder superstition the rolling stones check in number thirteen with gimme shelter. That's their best song of all time. If i told you outcast would be in before the rolling stones no offense you'd be spread. I mean the the kinks waterloo. Sunset is fourteenth the fourteenth greatest song of all time. That is a like an insider's well respected indie rock's i've heard people write about waterloo sunset for years which is what makes this such a crock rolling stone list. The only thing that's actually shocking. Is that velvet underground. Hasn't had four songs already. Yeah this is such a rolling stones list beyond say with jay z. Crazy in love queen. Bohemian rhapsody now. Give you a couple of prince with purple rain. Eighteenth john lennon. Imagine robin dancing. On my own she they. I don't know robin. Does anybody know robin. I know robin. I don't know that song She's a swedish disco queen. Dan okay. he's had a couple of hits k. Dancing on my own. That came out in two thousand ten. Billie holiday's strange fruit. Twenty one all right. Go up a couple. More to twenty-five the ron ed's be my baby. David bowie heroes. David bowie's greatest song as heroes. We can be heroes but just one day like say this is one that really stands out me right. I'm gonna jump up the list a little bit more and this is what i just. I just don't believe that. Mia paper planes. Which is an awesome song sung that. I've really like a lot a great song. I just don't believe that that is a hair greater of a song touch better than elton. John tiny dancer. Somehow elton john tiny dancers forty seven and -ma- paper planes forty six. That just feels like sacrilegious. Somehow or something i was calling her mea the for the first half hour kanye west run away is in their joni mitchell. A case of you. It's a great song but this joni mitchell greatest song it should be springsteen's born to run is in here talking heads once-in-a-lifetime nothing. But a jiefang with dr dre gray song lord royals. Yeah i. I didn't need to see this list. Yeah pulling outcast. Has two songs in the top thirty nine songs of all time. The rolling stones have won. The beatles have one prince has one. Michael jackson has none. Who have none that accurate note while still taking shots at my One of my favorites in the top. Forty i don't see them but rolling stone. Famously hates led zeppelin. don't they. I think they gave him bad review. Every albums gotten a bad review. Yeah a little. Richard's in here. The white stripes seven nation army princeton. I would love to know the music inspiration of lot a lot of these younger artists who are in the top twenty five going. Wait really who they were influenced by otis redding his in here outcast b. o. b. hendrix finally slips in joy division love will tariffs apart. Wonder walls ninety five. I ninety five now too high or too. Low jackson is at forty four. Michael jackson checks in. He made it into the top fifty or canadian. Rock bands not included in this little or no rush. is that a disclaimer. Neil young either paul..

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