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You don't go back t._j. Let's set some dams all right the first john is from vinnie betta ninety six he said can you rank the players due to return from the island the coming weeks. I guess like the three or the clutch street guys do last episode but turns two who want back injury jury as a who we want. I think several number one for shah. Let's say severino one matanzas to just to help the bullpen a little bit because michael vick so we're all i forgot about luke. I'll look to the. I'm gonna go look to look to. I mean like i love forty but the numbers are just like the improvement we get at first base with look almost be tempted to lugano severino instill pitching the baby's cargo severino be with several luke to delon region region carlo four edwin five. I'm missing picks. We're actually i'll put hicks five edwin six what were you. I'm gonna switch hickson edwin five and six resi. I mean i it has to be sitting right now. I put hicks above that one for sure. Ed wiggins the bob avenue to very bottom yeah. Joe mcconnell for hicks is upsetting me. I don't know why just because he did so well like last year and he's been hurt and really consistent is seven years. Yeah only only ten million yeah but still savvier still pay. It's a lot of us hottest year. I also got the next one is from joe panic forty four he says is it okay for me to be okay with the yankees losing to oakland. Obviously i want the yankees to win in every game. The more oakland wins the less likely the red sox make the playoffs and i really hate the red sox so he's taken it from the other side not like we're trying to be houston. He just wants the red sox berry. Basically he wants oakland to take over but i also don't want to face oklahoma plath because heat playing at that fucking saying yes and dallas. I wanna deal with dallas that i may not be them last year but that the i think they're seven and fifteen there since twenty thirteen worse record any part l. park at least they don't win there. It's a very it's a very annoying place the point lead and dark and you don't wanna play them in the playoffs that travel like going to boston fucked and we beat the fuck at boston right. I mean at this point. I think i mean whoever you play in. Ail is going to be tough greenwich nice. We'll have home field but i think i think minnesota yeah me too really scared of any of their pitchers tampa bay to i honestly don't i need to be tampa bay lot this year. No there's the threat of loss mellon glassman..

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