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Say hello to shaun tait sean. How are you tonight buddy outstanding. I was gonna say Good evening to you. Good morning for me. Always grateful thankful appreciative for a low weekend. At bernie's you get it. Yeah i i feel your brother. That's that's an that's a good one rackham. Hey by the way. Sean yes. Thanks for staying up. I knew we were gonna talk about a lot tonight but let's start with what happened in utah game. I'm understanding that when donovan mitchell came down right ankle. It's wrapped my understanding. He's gonna play monday that he talked it over with quin snyder. They were done. The utah jazz. Were down by about thirteen at the time of the injury. They didn't want to risk it. There were six minutes to go in the game. What are you hearing regarding utah. Donovan mitchell I'm under the impression. As as are they that he's going to be playing on they He's fine. I don't know if he's one hundred percent. I don't think anybody is one hundred percent. If i'm just being honest that are still participating in this playoff But they said he's gonna be playing gonna be ready. Oh be okay. And that's what the clippers will be prepared for. Even if they just there was a lot more uncertainty than i think there will be prepared for whatever. The case may be almost as if he would be andre percent and ready to play. I think he got an excellent point. At this point in the season as the grinding gauntlett has begun. Nobody's feeling one hundred percent. Let's take a quick rollcall with some teams that have really turned heads. Phoenix suns by the way speaking of not one hundred percent. Even chris paul with his shoulder down to five to one. They got a three zero lead on denver. Should they advance past him. How do you like their chances to get past. Either the clippers or utah. I like them. Especially if that seem particularly in utah. Don't like it nearly as much if that theme as the clippers. Because i think that is the only team that can come remotely close To on paper from a talent standpoint can up with the team that's gonna be representing the east. I think that's gonna be the brooklyn nets But that being said. I feel good about phoenix chances. I think that they will be that theme but the clippers had something to say about that tonight. And i think they will for the remainder of the series. That's expected plan. I do too. And i gotta give I gotta give title a lot of credit for the defensive adjustments you made the night clogging elaine. Making donovan worked for his points. That even worked to get the ball at slip slip to the east. Because the milwaukee bucks continue to be the greatest regular season of all time. It doesn't translate. I hate to say things like this but it is a must win tomorrow. What is with the bucks. They pickup drew holiday. I thought they improved. Why can't eight why. I can't translate for janas and company in the offseason. what are they missing. Sean on i'll be honest with you. Gotta i have those shooters. That's going to be knocking down those shots and make sure that they're doing that..

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