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TOM, Lamar Jackson, Espn discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast


Welcome back to sports podcast me at towns but first recapping yesterday's games gave out the scores and stats tom gave me a couple of his thoughts on a couple of teams that played yesterday for this segment thomson be giving me his thoughts on the marge ackson all right he had his pro day today pretty much going to spend the most talking about him compared to other quarterbacks i guess you'd say pretty much it'd be just a lamar jackson segment solis get into it right now so with lamar jackson obviously the biggest question is caney be an nfl ready quarterback i guess it's always not from the jump or anything like that if he was the play the quarterback position he'd need a couple more years to develop but nonetheless you got guys like bill polian on espn going down saying that lamar jackson should play receiver okay and our about you tom but i don't think i've really seen anything from lamar jackson game that should tells me he's definitely not 'cause you play receiver like what do you think of him i guess what would your thoughts jackson or like you said he need some time behind a behind a starter that's already there right now i may begin your to behind somebody in with a good coz good offensive good also game plan but no you've seen in college he's got that elusiveness he's got that speed and quickness and i don't think he ran his forty because he's saying that his table show off of show off his speed skills but he did throw the ball he's always going to live arm though in that spread offense there in louisville but no he he can he's put some weight on how put some meat on the bones but so he could take couple of hits but i definitely see him he i think he went under senate today at his pro day so he actually pretty good and then he's going to feel like he needs to get to that up to speed of the nfl game and he'll be all right it's not like huge an oregon d oregon office or anything like that a lot of it was.

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TOM, Lamar Jackson, Espn discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast

GSMC Sports Podcast 2 years ago

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