Congressman Mac Thornberry, Vladimir Putin, Russia discussed on Washington Today


Are you a provision hills home run england we're we're just gonna have to see what the situation is when it arrives obviously there's a lot of conversation among members at this retreat about uh the way forward uh nobody wants to government shutdown but we also cannot continue to inflict the damage that crs inflict on the military uh we can't keep doing that and the comments of republican congressman mac thornberry's speaking to reporters adds the retreat in west virginia bloomberg news confirming the house and senate staffers are working on a stopgap funding bill that would keep the government operating through march 23rd a vote could come as early as next week the current deadline is next week february the eighth a panel examining russian politics and its direction over the last couple of years under president vladimir putin the topic of an atlantic council event that we covered also looking at the upcoming elections in that country which expected under the leadership of putin among the speakers a former us ambassador to russia and nato along with a russian journalist alexander vershbow is the former nato deputy secretarygeneral he served in that position from two thousand twelve until two thousand sixteen also a former us ambassador to nato here's his perspective were praying refah's encircled by by hostile may pro and threatened by a rough before bequest of it makes a lot easier to justify the economic stagnation that russia's now experiencing declining living standards uh if there were a serious effort at reproche mon with west it would create new pressures to reform the system which i don't think uh are likely beyond maybe be cosmetic steps over the next six years and having unleashed a fullblooded russian nationalism with the annexation of crimea and all the rhetoric about defending the the russian world uh putin or any other leader will be i think uh very wary about entering into deals that would have to be defended against nationalists uh uh at home such as a deal to to genuinely pull out of the don bus and hand the valiant luhansk and donetsk people's republic style back to ukraine it's not impossible and i think the trump administration is right to try to test the russians at the bargaining table with the current discussions about a possible un peacekeeping force but at the end of the day uh the leaders of this uh kgb led uh system may see little payoff in the making.

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